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Douglas, Gae
Sept. 50 1966.

Mre Jack Spalding, Editor
% Atlanta Journal,
Atlanta, Gae

Dear Mr. Spalding:

In answer to Mayor Ivan Allen's press conference held re=
cently in your city, we would like to take this opportunity
to express in our unlettered ignorance, prejudice, reaction-
alism und duplicity that we voted for Mr. Lester Maddox.

it is our considered opinion nearly half million others were
afflicited with the same disease. It seems to us the votes
cast for Mr. Arnall had to be taken by the hand and shown
where to mark.

The Hone Mr. Allen also stated in his press conference that
Sen. Herman Talmadge and Sen. Richard Russell would be spread
from Geneva, Switzerland, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on the
Nov. Sth General Election. Mr. Allen stated he might spread
his buttock on a fishing pond come that date.

As to the Rev. Martin Luther King being ashamed to be called

a Georgian, we think we have enough S & H trading stamps that
ean be turned into a ticket for him to be sent into any country
of his choice, or he can take up room and board with the Hon.
Mayor Ivan Allien of your city.

Your paper is widely read in South Georgia and held in high
esteem, but we do not like to be dictated to as to our choice

of public officials to serve us and due to the fact your paper
and the Hon. Mr. Allen's glasses are tinted we doubt this will

be condens d and published in your letters to the Editors section.

Sincerely yours,
Lj)-L2¢ ~pAAL_—
Copy: P70 7G. ¢ I"
TO: Mayor Ivan Allen
Atlanta, Gae

Donuelss, Gae R 3 Box 44

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