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September 30, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

Are the people of Georgia really so ignorant as they have
been accused? No!!! We are just now beginning to wake up
from a long sleep to find that something has been taken
away from us which we want and will regain - - FREEDOM,

Last week we, the people of Georgia, were urged to "go out
and vote for the candidate of your choice", WE DID!!!

I once read an article which went something like this:
"Don't tell the world your troubles, Half of the people
don't care to hear them and the other half are glad you
are finally getting what you deserve", Hasn't this saying
been appropriate since last Wednesday????

I am very anxious to see who will be our next Govenor - -
Mr, Lester Maddox the segregationist or Mr. Howard Callaway
the Republican, Either will be an excellent choice - - and
change. I am positive that neither of these men, being

the high type people they are, would ever be stupid enough
to call Georgians "ignorant",

We look forward to our new leadership. We wish everyone did,

An intelligent voter,


Mrs. Reba Cain

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