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I ask you what good is forced integration(bussing ete going to do. Many

negroes don't want it. Just our overlords and the Commies. A slave race

will be easier for a dictator to control in years to come,- in the UN World — |

Government etcl! Are we going to sit quietly while dictators enslave us???

Or shall we pass the LIBERTY AMEVDNMENT like Americans should.Our only recourse
3601 Merrill Ave.,West Palm Beach, Florida

Mayor Allen 4
Augusta, georgia

Dear Mr. Mayor:

It may come as news to you but there are millinns of Americans
who are fed up with this enforced integration. Why should the the only
nation where this burden is pushed onto the people? As you well know the
Southern wh&ite people have helped the American negro more in the last 100
years than any other people on this earth. This action of integration has:
its well planned beginning in England and the Communists have jumped fn the
movement. Moreover the SupremeCourt which ruled this to belthe law of the
land*took a huge step toward dictatorship, meaning they had no right to seize
the most precious possession the people have in their lives, their pffspring,
as tho these children belongéd to the State in the U.S. Secondly it was a
most unfriendly ruling calculated to encourage racial intermarriage when these
children become of marriagable age, Thirlily their decision was not made on
approved scientifig- basis , but on a political basis. It will set in process
an irreversible orbs so that by inheritance millions of U.S.Citizens 50
-100 years from now will find our standard of morals, ability and behavior
definitely lower than it is today. This is not to say that the White race
is perfect. Far from it. But we have a far greater record of achiefement
than the Africans who never invented even a wheel barrow or a calendar or
time piece in all these hundreds of thousands of years: since the caveman era.
Have they any written lanquage? I believe not. and you can not blame environmdt/

People or animals unfold like flowers. according to what they inheritlargely.
And will you not agree that this unprecedented spéendthrift Administra-

tion and determination to take over the State R,ghts: and the people's rights:
which is quickly changing us into a Socialist State as well as our foreign
aid is changing the rest of the world into the same outmoded ideology of
Socialism, had a strong part in the outcome of your election in Georgia?

Frankly, the only way to stop this waste and absolute unmeecessarily
squandering the hard earned money of the American tax payer, is to take it
away from Washington, - by passage of the LIBERTY AMENDMENT Resolution by
34 State Legislatures(six legislatures have alreddy passed this: Resolution)
This would restore the effect of our Constitution and would deny no essena
tial services to the people. Our Government would be money in. Tey would
have less national debt to pay interest on each year. And the 700 government
businesses which are now tax free and interest free would be sold to private
enterprise where they would help greatly the localities where they are by
paying taxes like all other businesses(except government businesses). And
since money is power, this power would be restored to the people where it would
be safer and far more appreciated by the people who sweat to earn it, and
therefore would make it go further in this world and do more good. Foreign
governments have come to believe Uncle Sam is going to partially support them
forever, Tey are just as well able to work as we are, And they will respect
our form of government tremendously more if they are weaned off from our contim
aid. Or do you want to squeeze along with everyone getting pooer and poorer
and dependent on Washington, which is a dictator already where they have for
years endeavored to make us dependent on them for all the benefits in this
life. Typical of all dictarotships! Kennedy and Johnson peliessrerhe eres neo eRS

Everyone is broke but those who work for the Federal Government ete. And

isn't it about time Americans stood up and were counted to stop this soon

eomplete takeover? T,at's what this vote was. And we like a man with guts.
Sincerely yours, 7 lhe
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