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September 30, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Mayor Allen:
Your statement on the nomination of Lester Maddox stands an everlasting monument to bad taste and is an affront to any person with
a shred of decency and fair play. This man was elected by no one
but the people of Georgia. Congratulations on doing more than perhaps anyone else to put Lester in the White House while maintaining
your own position as winner and still champion of sewer level politics,
Yours very truly,
Pope H. Fuller
PHF / mgb
�September 30, 1966
]V[.r. Ivan Alle n
Mayor the City of Atlanta "Black Powern
City Ha ll
Atlanta, Georgia
I am writing not only for myself but f nr all the white
people in Atlanta.
More power to ~ESTER MADDOX who the white people will
We don 't think he is what you arld your negro friends
Sam ~illiams and Leroy Johns on said over WSB, September 29,
1966. I am sure that what you said about the thousands that
voted for Maddox did not help you or them any, it just promoted more votes for Maddox in the November election. One
thi ng SURE that I know is that neither my friends or myself
are as stupid as you say.
As Leroy Johnson said if we elect Maddox it would turn
the clock back to 1850, well, we are going to sure try.
Let ' s turn it back to 185-0, at that time our Mayor would
have supported the white people and not make a spectacle of
himself in the public, radio or TV with "Black Power". Instead
he would have been atte nding to his duties as a Mayor or be at
home with his family and not standing on top of cars and getting
up in the middle 0f the ni ght to parade with "The Black Power".
I think you are a disgrace not only to the City of Atlanta
but to the white race.
GOD help you because before it is over with, you are SURE
going to be needing help.
A re gistered voter and a
native of Atlanta, Georgia
Sept ember 30 , 1966
Honorable Ivan Allen, Mayor
City Hall
Atlant a , Ga .
Dear Mr. Allen,
Fr om your quoted comments of yester day it is
evi dently i mpos s ible f or you a nd your fri ends to
realize that there is a maj ority of Georgi ans who
in all good conscience think different t han you.
You all have already had more to do with
nominating Lester Maddox t pan anyone and if you
stupid bastards don 1 t keep your big mouths shut
you are going to surely as Hell elect him governor!!!!
September 30, 1966
Mayor Ivan Al len
3700 Northside Dr., No Wo
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
De ar Si r:
I was surprised ~nd appalled at the
statements made by you relative to the victory
of Lester Maddox in the Dem ocratic Primary.
Do you not believe in the Democratic
processes ?
As much as I would hate to have Les ter
Maddox as the Governor of this state, he could be
no worse as such than LBJ in his position as
And the climax of your statement, to
the effect that the Seal of this state has been
tarnished by the nomination of Maddox, is that
instead of doing something about it in November
you are going fishing.
This sounds like you would not lift
a hand to save a drowning brother. If by virtue
of your supporting Callaway in the November
election unde r these extenuating circumstances
you would be ostraciz ed by the Democratic P ty,
I s ugg est you find another partyo
Ybu rs
ru l~r,
1/ !/ 1-)/T//T/:
7/ ~
5 23 ·727 4
22 5
S,eptember 30 , 1966
Mr . I van Allen , J r .
3700 Northside Drive , N.W.
Atla nta, Georgi a
Dear Sir :
Perhaps this should b e addressed s i mpl y "Gem Clip Al l en" if a man i s t o
be a ccorded t he sobri quet of the pr oduct h e peddles, a l though it is my
under standing t hat your fami l y f e els that you coul dn ' t s ell even gem clips .
I join thous ands of othe r s in f e eli ng that your per for ma nc e on televi sion
last ni ght was about the mos t disgusting , undignif ied, irrespons ible,
nauseating , uns t atesmanl i ke and unwarranted a ct that could b e performed by
the s upposed mayor of a great ci ty .
Although I am not a Maddox supporter but am a ct i vel y supporti ng the Republican
candi date for Governor of t h is great State, Mr . Maddox des erves that prefix to
his name, and you have l owered yourself sti ll f urther into t he gutter by re f erri ng to him as "Dr umst ick Chi cken Maddox". I believe t hat Mr . Madddlx i s
absol utely honorable and that his vocation ts an honorable one, as is your
father's . As a matt er of fact, I bel ieve that even Mr. Eugene Patterson will
con~ede that he (Mr. Maddox ) served good chi cken .at a reas onabl e price . Can
you say that you have done anything as worthwhi l e ?
I concur wi th Mr. Maddo x in his tel evi sed s t atement t hat your ut teranc e
appear ed t o be that of the Rev . Dr . Mart in Luther Ki ng, so that I wonder
whet her you collaborated on your statements . If you, t oo, feel that you are
now ashamed to be a Georgian, you, t oo , are i nvited out .
I f elt that Mr. Maddox made a tremendous l y more restrained, intelligent and
statesmanlike appearance than you, even though your TV technicians attempted,
at one point, to make him appear f oolish by technically reducing his
statement to gibb erish.
TBJ/ kjo
��Charles Edward Roberts
718 College Street
Macon, Georgia
Hon. Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgi a
De ar Sir:
I just hear• your post-election statement on the
7 - 7:30 CBS news. I coul not believe my ears.
You are an eaucatea, intelli~ent man, an• those
woras coula have come from the lips of a fool.
Before you throw this in the wastebasket, if it
is brou~ht to your attention, let me hasten to
say that I ala not vote for Mr. Maaaox in the primary two weeks a~o nor in the run-off yesteraay.
He is not my choice in November. I will vote for
Mr. Callaway.
I n my opinion, Callaway will not b electea, however,
if you and others to whom the viewers are expose•
continue to make such vituperative remarks towara
Maadox. The same thing coula be saia of the lea(
eaitorial in this morning's Atlanta Constitution.
I'm sure
woula be hara to fini · a class in reverse
psychology, but if it is availab~e, you shoula
take the course. Lester Ma(aox coulan't have pickea
up fifty thousana aaaitional votes any easier.
It is certainly your right to be a sore loser, but
why use that right to help elect the man you so
obviously 4espise politically. I woula have thought
you smarter than that. Of course, e•itorial writers
have long fannei the flames for those they are
a~ainst. Thy will never learn.
Hope the fish will be biting Nov 1111ber 8th1
~op~s very )t r uly,
i,--. £ /~ t-~
Chas. Ee Robert u r .
�e. e. 'Bransford Used ears
ROUTES·· PHONE 647-4974
�����4441 Music Stre et
New Orleans, La.
September 29, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Sir:
I am certain that the over whelming majority of
responsible Southerners shared my revulsion at your
vicious castigation of Lester Maddox after his primary
victory. The one transcendent lesson we should have
learned during the past half-century is that an aggressor or "bully" cannot be appeased indefinitely.
That holds true whether the pacification is made on
an individual, city, state, federal, or international
level. You have tried to "finesse" a solution to the
Qegro excesses, apparently bemused by the spurious
idea s-o widely propagated by the "pinks", "reds", and
socialistic "do-gooders", that the negro unrest is
due to discrimination, ignora nce, and economic insecurity. THAT IS UNADULTERATED HOGWASHt During
the depression here in New Orleans major crime in
New Orleans was virtually limited to bootlegging ,
an occasiona l bank robbery, a nd murders committed
within the Mafia itself. Now, as a result of the
ins ane rulings of the Supreme Court and the coddling
of invetera te criminals, no \'bite woman can be secure
i n her home, in her automobile, in her office, i n a
hospital recuperat i ng from illness , or even walking
fro m the bus or street car to her home. The negr o
r api st i s emboldened by the knowledg e tha t he wi ll
re ceive t he ben efit of t h e bes t legal t a lmt s wh i ch
such organiza tion s as the American Civil Li ber t y
Union can furn i sh an d wi ll proba bl y be pardoned, even
i f convicted , becaus e the jury di d not have th e precise
mixture of whi tes an d n egroes . A fri end of min e who
owns a s ervic e s t ati on has been robbed by negroes fourteen times wit hin the past five years and shot twice.
Whether such prov•cateurs as King, the lynx-eyed,
fork-tongued Mounteagle alumnus, carries a Communist
card, is academic. The point is that he is helping
the Communist cause and will ultimately preside over
the flaming destruction of this nation unless leaders,
such as yourself, cease capitulating to his demands.
I enclose copy of letter which I wrote to one of
our federal judges here six years agoo My views are
identical todayo I pray that the good people of Georgia
are shaking off their letharg~. _Jv"A 6r,arul
":R,.~~. /
~ f f/ ~
��I~ -
144 East 36 Street
New York, New York 10016
September 29, 1966
The Honorable Ivan Allen
Mayor of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
Your statement today concerning the primary vietory
of Maddox only adds to my already high estimation of your
integrity, honesty, and dedication to your job. I was born
in Newnan, Georgia, in 1935, but moved to Washing~on, D.C.,
in 1941, and now live in New York City. My parents somehow
managed to raise two daughters with no ethnic, religious, or
racial prejudice. As I grow older, I realize what a remarkable
feat this is, because they are southerners, and for many years
the Negro has been considered inferior by a goodly percentage
of southerners. My parents were also poor, and this, I believe,
increases the incidence of racial prejudice in the south. Poor
whites, I guess, need someone to dispise and look down upon.
This Maddox victory frightens me. I am sure you
must feel this way too. But I take solace in the fact that
obviously there are people in Georgia who realize that you
and the kind of people you typ] ify should be in office, and
hopefully if there are enough of your type, in time all these
difficult times will pass.
I am very proud to say that somewhere in Georgia
a man like you is in public office. I am sure there are
many people in Georgia with a vote who feel the same way.
So stick to your guns. We cannot allow the Maddox's to ga in
control. And know that at least one ex-Georgian is on your
aide completely.
Yours very truly,
(Mrs. Eugene D. Balsley)
11 onora lo I. .'sll c> n
rI :tyor of ,tlqnt a ,
·tlanta , ,,c or ,::'..a
Ve a r ·:r, . .'i.ll '3 n , ... ef(•rrin , to your r e 1ar < S on 1 • S. B. T. v. lA. s t
.v e nin,!; r ., ·a r 'L
t 1 e c oic c of t e p nople of our Gr ()at Sti.atc
of G2or r, i a as well ff t 1e "·oo p e op lP of your Gr eat City, in
t 1cir el e ction of Mr . Lcs t0r iia 1ox to run for Gov ernor of
our r rc a t Stat . , ~ubject to the ~r ner a l cl c> cti on on oven ber
8t1 1966 .
I on ' t t ink you r naliz ~ a t tho tine t a t
you not only 1:-!erc :m,m, -ra inr; r:r. r. a ...ox, but t . e v e r people
-,f your Gr nat City 1:'l o el c ct P you to your pres nt i rh office . I woul d lik e to ~a y t 11t tt e ~o o
onle of "tl 1. nta are
not t e tr ::1 sh 11 n t .:it you in ic a tr on T. • , nci t 0r a re t e
oo p copl of t!, ft a t. of GC' or ia . I nr f' u re that -i.:x ~I'a yor
art <: fiel ,.. oul nev er h a ve stoope no low a to o 1.·rhat you
i '
ave al ·myE: een a .,1;nocr a t a n hqve ah·my r
vot rl ac- sue , but c one t
prr :;e nt con .itionf' of our Gr . at
Country ~ ,J , ~ to be .etrr n.ti n u n ' "'r t .. c
r, ocra tic cnntrol,
I ar· now lookinr town.r
t e ran or 1cn runnin · for public
offic . , irr e p e cti ve of H et er t cy rlre r e publi c:.1n or eno cr,1.ts .
I vnt P f nr r:r . I::
ox ~n unles T1r . Bob
Ca 2..101·-1c:1 y can c. ow o 1e cci e i prov cnf' nt ov r r Lr . r·a :lox ,
I SH \ LL GTE r C:?. I ::l. r:: DD OX . G,~N. No·' - ·r I E"L SH JU8T
EC '. US
IF c.. t T SEE THE r:~N ~ ~' CTLY ·.s OU SEE T

nr . Elli~ 'rnall i
~, con cousin by bloo
but when e s aic. on T. V. t a t 11 .' !NONE TH;, T ~J.\S OT THE KI ID
F :::rr:r iC'C~{ 'T TH l T HE '.\ S COULD ' GO TO HELL t ' So e lo '"'t t 1 0
I,Ir . i\llcn , your influence h a s heen
'"' ly
, a a ·ed an you di
it your . lf by your r . . arks ~bout r~.
r':id ox a n the v ry p ople ~~o :ave you your hi l offic ~
I beli cvo , if you 1 , ~ nt to be fair, t at a ft er you a '/e t11crn rr1 t your way throu
a ll t i , your npolo .ry
to r r. lI'l ox an' the oo p eople of G or 11·i a r'i ht 1 ,lp
~o~ , hut even tl is i~ oubtful.
~ •
T\TllL '
• 1\
' •

PC.. TB 3 1.
�Nigger lover!
�Sept emee r 30th,
Mayor Ivan Allen,
City of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga.
Dear llr . Mayor:
We listened to y ou on Tee Vee excoriate Lester l4addox who is going
to • e the next Governor of the State of Georgia.
As compared to what Gear ia ha s had for r ecent Governors, lladdax is
one of the high est qualified individuals f or this high office in
your State.
What happen ed in our Country during the ast 20 and 30 years,
should •e as o•vious to y ou as i t is to others, and t hat is, the
United States of Amer ica i s • ein, controlled and i overne •Ya clique
of Educat ed Fools o
we ask, what good is the a•ility of a Lea er, i f this Lea er
leads you into Slavery and Communismo •etter we have a Leader with no
a•ility •ut who wants to lea us in t he riiht irection o
We thank God for Wallace, and lladdox, and Reacen, an those few true
Americans that we have left with us today, f or what they are try:inc to
do for us and our countryo
We ,ray each ni ht that we are now in a Nation wide sweep that will
. clear the Judas Goats and Quislings out of Office and •rin a Halt
to America's ove down the r oad to Ruin - O•livion - Disaster an
ultimate communism.
We truly hope ll.r. Mayor that all federal overnment }':3.wns such as the
likes of you, will •e eliminated from the American scene in the very
near future, and let us come to ~rips with the true pro•lems of what is
wroIJi with America today9
Maddox has felt the •ite of the Fe eral lash across his •aek, and unlike
so many spineless cowaris in America today, this man is doinc something
a•out ito He will have every •it of my assistance and my life to help An there are millions other like me.
So please Mayor step aside out of the way, Defore you iet shovea off
another automo•ile top.
Sincerely for Am.erioa, re.main,
�\, Georgia,
September 30, 1966
ITllll Allen, Jr.,
Jlayor (?) 0
City ot Atlant ,
.Atlanta, Geo1•gia.
Dear Sirs:
. I am trying my best to write this letter without the use of profanity.,
Your remark, oonoerning the nmdne.tion or I.A,ster Maddox were highly
irregular, tal1e, and UUM\rranted.,
You implied that everyone -voting for !Ire Maddox did not have the inte lleotual
ability to di~ti~gui~h the differenoo between day an~ night.
I knw the differenoe my1elf and apparently you don't _.,. for you sure don't
know the difference between whit~ and bl-.ok.,
Your stupid and idiotic remarks probably helped
Jlro Maddox reooiTe more
Toto than he would. ban reo•i ed.
In oloei11g let me offer the pl"ftyer that when you go home tonight to your
kennel, I hope your mother bites you. You•w oortainly got eno\lgh 1en1
to figure that out.
The next time your colored friends shake you off a car, I hope you fall
on your eapty head.
N tul"8lly, there will be no name.
�Atlanta , Georgia
Oc tober 1 , 1966
Hon . Ivan Allen, Jr . , Mayor
City of Atlanta
A tlanta, Georgia
Dea r Ma yor Allen:
I have a little bo ok out at my house
and I find on one of its pages the words of a
man much wiser and s marter than I am, which words
I quote as f ollows:
"He t hat is slow to anger is
better tha n the mi ghty ; a nd he that
r uleth h is s p irit t han h e t hat
t a ke th a city".
We a l l make mi sta kes and, in anger,
say things which , upon more s ober afte rthought ,
we did not really mean , and I fe e l sure t ha t you,
as my mayor , will meditate y.pon the ve rs e of Prove r bs
which I have quoted above .
With k ind regards ,~
391 Cherokee Ave. , S .
• 'Wia { e /
�4201 Sou t h Ocea n Boule v a r d
Delray Beac h , F lorida
Se p tember 30, 1 966
Mayor I v an Alle n
At la n ta, Georg ia
Dear Sir :
Yo ur r e mark s wi th r efe1a1ce t o Mr. Les t er 1a dd ox ' n omi n at i o n ,
as t e l e vi se d o n the Huntl e y- Brinkle y Report Thursday night,
ca ll f or s o me s ort o f a n s wer o
I c a nnot d e bate y our c h ar a cter i zation of ! r . Mad d ox as
"un quali f ied" bec ause I a m n ot as aware as y o u are of h is
pers o n a l exper i e n c e a n d qua litieso But I a m u n der t he i mpression
t h at it is because h e supp or t s segreg ation of t h e race s t hat
y ou stated his n omin ation was a victory for the f orces of
prejudice and ign oran ce o
I t i s y ou r e qua t ion o f a b e lief i n r acia l seg reg a t ion wi th
ttpre j u dice'.' . a n d ign o r a nc e,. which is i n correc t and i nsuppo r t able .
Yes, o f course some o f t he b a ckers o f Mr . Madd ox were i gnora nt
a nd prejud iced ( i f y o u mea n by t h e latter ter m te n di n g to ma k e
judgme n ts with prior i n vestig ation o f evide nce ) ; s ome backers
o f " l iberal " ca n didates a r e equally u n i nf ormed a n d though tle ss .
I n f act , the b a l a n ce o f p o we r i n Mr . Madd ox ' vic t o r y mu st h a v e
resi de d in o nce r e spec table voters f or " moder a t e " cand i dates .
I must with al l g ood will sugge st t h at i t is a gre a ter sign
o f igno rance today t o a rgu e i n fa vor o f i n tegra t ion o f {egro
and , .bite ra c es than t o oppose it .
The facts abo u t t he nature
of me n , the physiological a nd me n tal d i ffere nces bet~ee n the
Negro a n d \ 'hi te races , and the hist o ri c al evidence o f the
di f fering capac i t ies o f those ra c es f o r i n ve n tivene ss a nd
the building and ma i nt a ining o f advanc ed civi l izations simply
do n o t suppo rt y our viewpoi n t. A g re a t amou nt o f work i n
g e net ics , a nthr op ology, a nd o t her f i e l ds o f r e s e ar ch s u pp or ts,
on the c o ntr a ry , a poi nt o f view which s e es r ace s as some t i mes
marke dly di ffe re nt i n extre mely i mpor t ant ways- -not for purely
envi r o nme n tal reas o ns at a l l, b ut by virtue of heredity.
I am aware that f o r s ome ye ars it has b e e n fashi o nable t o say
t hat ra c es in fact don ' t really e xi s t at all , a n d even if they
do there are no signi ficant d i ffe re nces , and in any case whatever
di f ferences appear t o exist can be cleared away by a g e neration
or so o f social mixing and educati o n .
This school o f thought-i f it ca n be dig ni f ied wi t h such an appella t ion--was more or
less orig inated by the a n thropologist Boas a n d his s t udents
without much factual support , and it wa s give n impetus by the
stron g reaction against " racism" f o llowing Hitler's defea t i n
the Secon d World War.
It is now accep t ed blin dl y by large n umbers
�- 2-
o f unque st ion i ng pe ople who would be j u s tifiably shocke d if
the y kne w the t ruth and its rami f ications .
He r e ar e a few o f the b ooks prese nting fac t s wh i ch , i f thoug htfully
con sidered , would l e ad t o a c hange i n many o f our gove rnme n t ' s
ra c ial p o l ic ies-- unless , of course , our gove rnme nt is mo tivated
by something o ther tha n g e nu i ne con cern f or truth a nd f or t he
wellbeing o f our ci t i z e n s .
J . c. Carot hers . The Africa n rHnd i n Health and Disease .
Ca rle ton ~ . Co o n . The r igi n o f Race s .
arc ell e Ge b er . " De ve l opp e me n t p s y cho-mo t eur d e l ' e nf a n t
a fr icai n , " Couri e r , UNESCO , Paris (Jan ua ry 1956 )·,
VI , 17 - 2 9 .
Au d re y M. Shuey . The Te s ting o f Ne gr o Int e llige n ce.
Na than i el We yl o The Negr o in Ame rican Civ i lization •.
An olde r b ook , but o n e wh i ch sti ll has a gre at deal o f val i dity ,
i s Lothrop St o ddard ' s The Ri si ng Ti d e of c olor .
Ma n y pertinent articles will be found i n " The Manki nd Quarterly 11 ,
1 Darna way t o , Edinburgh 3 , Scotla nd . Also i n IAAEE Repr i nts ,
The International As sociation f o r the Advanceme nt o f Ethnology
a n d Eugenics , Inc ., P oO. Box 3495 , Grand Ce n tral Station, Ne w
York, N. Y. 10017 .
( One repri nt o f partic ul a r i nterest is "Social
cience Testimony in the Desegregati o n Cases--A Reply t o Prof e ssor
Kenneth Clark, " by Ernest van den Haag .)
Publications of the Na tional Putnam Letters Committee , Suite
9 08 , 1730 K St o, NoW., Washingt o n , D.C. are c ertainly worth study .
Though The uicide o f the West , by James Burnham, does not concern
itsel f primarily with racial matters, it is quite releva n t to
the poin t I am trying to make .
There are many more materials easily accessible to anyone searchi ng
f or them i n a u n iversity or large public library.
The me n who, in print, opp ose your views, Mayor Allen , are for
the mo st part a t the opposi te extreme f rom ign orant or prejudiced.
To assure you that I , for example, am not a babbling and unlettered
dunce, I must mention that I have an HA , have taught in universities
for eight years, have an I Q in the upper 1% of t he population,
and am even considered reasonably goodnatured, kind to animals,
and even decent to other peop le .
I am not motivated by hate,
fear of economic competition by less prosperous segments of the
population, nor by superstitious clinging to ancestral myths.
And I am getting very tired of being indirectly accused of
ignorance · and lumped with the KKK by people who will not
take the trouble to reco nsider their own prejudices.
If on ly oa e brave public figure such as yoursel f (a nd your
courage '.'. as a mply de monstra t ed duri ng the Atla nt a rio t s ) would
study the evidence a nd come out ope n ly on the si de of truth,
miracles could be worked in the revitali zat ion of our confused
a nd sadde ned countryo
I as sume you will not have time to a nswer my letter , a nd
p e rh aps you will not even have time to read it , but if it
should be possible I would Be delighted to hear from you o
I would welcome r e fere nces to readings which you feel support
vie wpoints differing from mine.
Thank you very much .
GEORGIA 30001)
TELEPHONE 404•451•!5431
September 30, 1966
Mr. Ivan Allen Mayor
City Hall
68 Mitchell Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
It was a little surprising yesterday to see the height to which
you have assended, that is, to set yourself up as a self-appointed
Judge and Jury to try, pass sentence, and condemn 400,000 plus
Georgians because of their actions on September 28.
First of all, to make the records strai ght, I personally am not a
Lester Maddox enthusiast, however, I was surprised and amazed to
see you drop to an all time low in your condemnation of certain
Georgians. As Mayor of one of the largest cities in the country,
I do not feel that you have enhanced the image of Georgia with the
statement made to the press with reference to the outcome of
Wednesday 's election. Not only that, but it is my opinion that
you have mutulated the Democratic party in the state of Georgia
bey ond repair.
After your releases to the press, I now find myself in a state of
confusion wondering who is irresponsible . Surely you are the
"Big Man" that many people think . y ou are and will r e tract the
statements you made about the stand that some 400,000 Geor gians
took on September 28 and somewhere you will look back and see
how childish your actions were.
To this point, I have had considerable confidence in your ability
a s a leader but that confidence has now b e en shaken.
What now Mr . May or?
?:t:L!lres~ley, d
Pr e s i dent
J LP : r s
�Hollywood Maryland
September 30
Mayor Ivan Allen
Atlanta Ge:orgia.
My Dear Mr.Mayor;
To a Man,who as a. st,: uipling youth,ahouldered
a Springf iel<f carbine and wslkedl post clown behind the· old Atlanta Brewery in the wee small hours of the. morning,protec-ting negroe& :from the wrath of' the whites,which had be.en f'ire1ho had
taken over the streets and destroying everything in sight . And
to think, Atlanta was the model city where the negro wa~ granted
every -lish .
But the sands of time are running out with definite
signs pointing to th~~of control by the irresponsible lA~.
Incidentally, what were your official views on
Representative Bond's anti - American statements which led to his
Very truly yours ,
B. L. Fonv:i.lle,
1596 Hyn ers Avenue ,
Memphis, Tenn . 38111
�John G. Bell
Box 251, Route 4
Inman, South Carolina 29349
October 1, 1966
Hon. Iva n All en,
Atlanta, Ga .,
Dea r Mayor All en,
It was my fortune to see a nd hear
your most disgusting and uncall ed f or diatribe on
C BS in which you expressed your opinion in no
uncertain t erms about the result of the re cent
primary in Georgia.
Ther e is no one who is so intoler ant of other peoples opi nion a s a defeat ed "Liber
who calls himself a " Modera te". I t seem s t>to
me that quite a large percentaee of the populati>on
of Georgia is
a fact which I have
never noticed in visits to your city and s t a te.
Mr. Maddox who started from scratch and by his
own efforts developed his successful business
could not have been very ignorant. He may have :n
had very little formal education. Did you develop and build your own business 1 It seems that
I have read that it was inherited.
Under your wise " gtlidance
Atlanta has become a "Mecca
only to Washington, D.
c. ;
for negroes second
as soon as they get a
majority they will kick the moderate white man
out and take it over themselves.
I believe that the
running fit"
�John C. Bell
Box 251 , Route 4,
Inman, South Carolina 2934,9
which yo~ had on television the other ni ght will
make thousands of votes for Maddox in the coming
genera l election. I had been hoping that Calloway
would win in November but with the rea ction from
you, Mc Gill and Martin Luther King whi ch has
appeared in the papers, on radio and televison
there might be such a back lash that Calloway
wi ll be defeated. Anywa~ either of the Canida t es
will be better than your beloved Ellis Arnall.
Very Truly yours,
�Moultrie, Georgia
September 30, 1966
Mr . Ivan Allen
M yor, City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mr. Al l en:
If the people of Georgia were surprised over the election
of Mr . Lester Maddox as candidate for the Democrat Party,
then they were shocked over the statements you made i n
your speech Thursday when you called those who voted for
him a "combination of forces of ignorance, prejudice,
reactioni sm, · etc.".
If this were true, then there ce rtainly are a lot of
"ignorant" and "people of this type" in the State of
Georgia, when over four - hundred-thousand of them voted
for Mr . Maddox.
It would seem to me that if anyij n e has "tarnished the
Great Seal of Georgia " you have by the remarks in your
speech when you, a person in your position, made public
such statements for the whole nation to hear.
For your information, many people of all walk~ of life doctors, lawyers, teachers, and ordinary good citizens
whom you w uld call "ignorant" - have said they would
NOW vote for Mr. Maddox since hearing your slanderous
remarks about the people of Georgia, because they resent
you calling all the people who voted for him these names.
So you have really defeated your purpose, and instead of
causing people to turn against Mr . Maddox, you have caused
many to turn their support toward him.
I think you owe the people of Georgia an
apology for your
"name calling" outspoken and uncalled for statement. The
people of Georgia do not - cannot not - and will not
appreciate any such littleness in anyone, regardless of their
position and atanding~.
& .~
Bo x 2012
The Laney Company
SINCE 1945
AREA CooE 912 - PHO N E 745-8840
Oct 1 1966

Mr Ivan Al len

City Hall
At l an ta 1:a.
T)ear Mr
ll en :
IV:ore can di date s f or pub li c office are elected by such bl as ts
as you de live ed befor e a TV came ra a few days ago than by t~eir
own efforts . You not on ly bl a st ed Mr Maddox but the voters t hemse l ve s . They rlo not reac t any more fav orably than you or I would
to being called " i gn~ant , backwa rd , foolish etc . " vour b l as t ~ot
I ' d be wi lling to b€!at l east one quart e r mill.i on vot es fo r ~rr
Maddox .
Ral ph McGill has apparently become a psychopath i n his hatred of
the South . He came South ful l of nislike and false opinions of
the peopl e of the South and has gro¼TI st ead ily worse -the reason i s
because no one pays him an~ at t ention except the e~ro agit at orshe only hardens the) heart of Southerners to cling to their ideas
of preserving ouJ;.--fierublic and our race . They are "Stu pie ,r enough
to believe th ~ inte ~ra tion wi J.l des troy our nation quicker that
segregation . 1le all rec o i:_;ni ze the Negro as ein~j:;he cancer that
wil l bankrupt and make of thi s nation the sorries,one on earthThe have not nations are those tha t are e ithe r e~ro , or have ~egro
blood i n their ve ins. The v6ters fo r Mr Maddox are trying to resist
the steadily ti~htenin~ noose of ?ederal ~ictato rship on every an~le
of our lives even to running small community afi'ai.i rs . 1,1 many resY'ec
s the di ctatorship clamped on us by a foo lish fede al government is
mor~ brut al t han anyt~ing beh ind the iron curt a in .
Keep blasting Jvir Al l an , let Ralph and the rest of his ;'_Yedi tors and
columnists" keep up vilifying the Sout h and its traditions and they
will e lect Mr Maddox by the bi gge st landslide ever known .
This is respec tfully submitted as my opinion and may perhaps be of
a teeny bit of value to you.
PS The biggest orders I ever got and the best business frmends I
have ever had came after complimenting my competitor and praising
whate ver they had bowi;ht from him. It just dont pay to knock.
�- - - - ----- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -----~·- - - - - -- September 29, 1g66
- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -
j us t
wi tn e s-s-e d the mos t
d 1-s-gr ·a-~-e--fu- ,
inexcuse able per f ormanc e on tel e vision that I
- - - - -- - - - a-v-e- e-v-e-r - s-e-e-n -. - New-A-t-l-a-n-t-a--a-nd- th-e · ho-l-e----w·o-rr·- - - - - - -- - know what type mayor the cit y o f At lanta has,
- - - - - - - --.Q-Rm-e-t-h4ng-t-he--f-i-r-e-men-a-1-r-e-a-cl-y- knew~.- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - -'+-hl-s--e±ee-t-1-0n- p:t>-e-ve-s---tw-0- t-fl-i--Rg-s-:·- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -J.-.- 3.!l;:i-e-p-e-G-p-1-e- a..P.e- n-O-t -l-8-a-s-eG-w-i-t-h-t-he- -- - - - -- - - way g overnment officials are backing mob rule.
2. Block voting is·· completely ine ff ective
ben t be p eople are i nt e ras.ted 1n an~ i..on,_ _ _ _____
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __....___....._..wu.,__....,.,_--"-""c..,__~......__.,_hLI-.>e,.1. __
d ge o f vating_in_.CL-- - -- - - -
city election.
to votin in
I shall certainly b e lo o kin~ forwa ~a
c ,
JJ-;;- --_
r ~
S olomon
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- -- - - - -- - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - -- - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - --------
- - - - -- - -
�171 Grady Avenue
Athens., Georgia
October 1., 1966
The Honorable Ivan Allen
Mayor of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
This letter is in reference to your recent statement concerning the nomination of Lester Maddox as the Democratic candidate .for Governor of the state
of Georgia.
I agree that Lester Maddox is totally unsuited as a gubernatorial candidate. But it appears to me that your connnents were not of a constructive nature; you tore down., but did nothing to fill the vacuum which you created.
While it may be a bitter pill to swallow., the fact is that_one of two
men--Lester Maddox or Howard Callaway--willbe the next -governor of Georgia.
Your statements seem strangely two-faced., You say that 11 We cannot allow
our state's progress to be stopped and reversed by yesterday's mistake"., but
say later that you will probably }'go fishing" on election day.,
These two
statements cannot co-exist; if you do indeed 11 go fishing" on election day.,
the people of this state will surely remember the hypocrisy with which you
I am not registered as a Republican--! have always voted for the best
man. Therefore I sincerely urge you to publicly support Bo Callaway for Governor. The failure of a man in high political office to support the candidate
which he feels to be the best qualified in a political race solely because
this candidate is affiliated with another party., is -p ure cowardice. Do not
attempt to deceive yourself that the reople of this state will not feel this
way about it. You have renounced Maddox too strongly.
When a man' s position and not his principles determines his policies., it
is indeed time for new leadership.
The hour grows late., Will you allow partisan politics to stop you from
helping the state of Georgia defeat Lester Maddoxi
}zy' hope is that you will reconsider the position which you have taken.,
and then publicly support the best qualified candidate--Bo Callaway•
Thank you for your kind attention in this matt er.
Sincerel y,
~ f
,/ ~ , -;I-
Jerry Se Lorentz
A f EJnous .American once s a i d "A college educ ation
never made BRAI NS a nd h e demonstrated t h is cla i m
, i t h t he f ollo - ing story : "A o T * Stewart , a bi g demartment - s tore merchant in Nev, York , m de a Sl ,666, 0 0 0
a ye a r; h e die d le aving not one in t h e whole organiza tion
capa ble of ca rrying on the busines s o A bank took it over ,
put a judge a t its h ead and he lo s s & mil l ion a · yea r"o
Are you quite sure t hat Mr ., Maddox is inc pable of
being a succe s sful governor? He seems to have made a succes
of h is own business until Mro John s on comes in and tells
h im h ow to run it ~
John J.1/T. i l ton s a id : "'Who overcome s by force
ha.s overcoine bllt hal f h is f oe" o
e who ascends to mount a in tops shald find,
Th e loftiest pe aks a ll wrapped in clouds and
SilOW o
He ho s ur pas ses or subdues mankind ,
Shall look do~n on t h e hate of t hose below.,
Lord Byr ono
ANVdWO:> S VX3l. 3H.l
�"REMI :'>l I SCEN~ES 11

There-. sat at my dad's su o:per table on a Sunday Afternoon when
I was a lad an old retired Lutheran minister , by the name of Carrol.
Doctor Carroll had snent the bulk of his ministeral carreer in the
State of Pennsylvania , and was then living with a ffiarried dau6hter
here in our midst. He and dad ha1 become quite friendly. The topic
of conversation just then haupened
to be 'politics'and

H &> ,,._,
h'1':,. 2, . ~
says accross the table to me, John ~ do you know.-\Benjamin.,\nappened
to be elected uresident over 3-rover Cleveland in 1888 11 ? My answer was
"No" ~ "Well, · says he, "I will tell you 11 •
"Mr. John Wanamaker, the wealthy Phila. merchant and Sunday
School teacher suddenly acquired political asp~rations so he sent for
Mr. Mathew Stanley Quay the U.S. Senator and republican .boss of the
state and he says to him: "Mr. Q,uay, I have 50 thousand dollars here
for Mr. Harrison's campaign and I want you to take and use it where
you think it will do the most good". "Now where do you suppose that
he put it 1'? My prompt reply was: "He put it in his pocket". "N·o "?
says he, "Not all of it". "To snend it in Pennsylvania meant merely
throwing it in the sewer:,_that state being already safe and sound. He
goesover into Brooklyn and gets a ward• healer to line up 5 thousand
repeaters (the woods being full of such cattle in those days) to grow
beards. On election day they showed up at the polls first with a full
growth: some hours later they showed up with side-burns, then la~er on
with only a mustash and finally clean shaven . The State of New fork
was . Harrison's by 8000, and John Wanamaker, the Sunday-School teacher
became Post Master General~
Thus much on the election of President Harrison so now for
some politics of a local flavor. Who in his right mind would ever
have dreamed that an obscure pursonage by the name of Thomas s. Martin
would ever have defeated one of our Confederate War heroes whose name
was Fitzhugh Lee for a sea t in the u. s. Senate? Well, he did, and
by Just such tactics as was used in the defe a t of Mr. Clevel and by
senator Quay. The only difference being tha t the black man's vote
was used instead of that of his be•whiskered~ b:t other ' s. Thia system
was rampant in the good old day s bef or ethe pole-tax and r e gistration
laws were pl a ce d on our s ta tut e book~ . Poe saw it in 1844 and he so
vividly desc r ibed s ame ~ay i ng; "A r e publ i cal go ve rnme nt could neve r
become othe r than a ra s ca ll~ one.
These l aws were n of -ro r the purpose of de priving t-r/Je Ne gro of
his ri ght t o v ote a ny other t ha n that of t he whi t e ma n whose ba llot
was fo r sale to the highest bi dder and they c ould be pu r chased by
the dump-cart load j ust before sun-down at 50~ per head. I n plane
langua ge the s ystem was nothing other than ch eating Now o~r.S~W~..n£
Court comes along and says that where the u. s. government~a'law torthe prevention of cheating in politics is unconstitut1onal'~t
Well, if this condition be so, why is it not unconstitutional
to prevent cheating in her military College out in Colorado'?
And President Johnson tells theworld that he is going to enforce this
decisi~n at the point of the bayonet if necessary.
John Milton told us
that; Who ovey,comes by force has overcomed but half his foe",
From earliest youth I had been a great fancier of POE both as
a poet and story teller, but all else I could learn was that he was
morally a sot and practically died in the gutter. It was not until I
got hold of his biography by Mr Harvej Allen that I saw a new light.
Poe was a caustic critic of our form of government and his traducers
were many.
"He who ascends to mountain tops shall find,
The loftiest peaks all wrapped in clouds and snow".
�POE• on the "AMERICAN RE?'..JBLIC" •
They started with the queereet 1deara oonoe1vable1 vlzs
that all men are born :f'ree and equal - this in the Ve'f'1
teeth of ~RADAT!ON'B l aws, s o v1sably impressed upon all
thlng1, both in the moral and phyeioal un1veNe. Eve'f'1
m•n voted, ss they oslled it~ until At len~th 1t wae d1aeove,-e~ that what 11 everybody's bueineae 1e nobodJ'••
an~ that the ·~e-publc' ( eo the absul"d thing was oalled)
was without a ~overnment at all~
It ts reiatet, however, thst the tirat o1roum~tanae
whtoh disturbed the aelt-complajoenoJ ot the phtloeo-phei-e
who aonetruoted this "Repub11a 0 waa the atartlins discover,
that un1veraat 'BUfterage' gave oppel"tun1ty tor fraudulent
aohemea, by wh1oh any dea1red number or votea m1gh\ at any
time be poled, without the e11ghteet chance of prevention
or even detection, by any partJ wh1oh ehould be merely v11•
11anoue enough not to be atrald ot the fraud..
A little retlect1on on th1a d1ecoverJ eurtered to
rende~ ev1den\ the oonsequenaee, wh1ob were, that raeoal1tJ
auat predominate - 1n a word - that Repub11oan rJ ovemaent
could never beonme anything other than a
While the ph11oeol)hern, however, were
eed 1n blush•
1ng at the1r own stup1d1ty 1n not having toreeeen
evitable ev1le and 1ntent ut,0n naw theories, the matter wa• put
to an Abru~t 1esue bf a fellow b• the naae or MOB, who took
every thing 1n hie own hAnda and set up a deeJi;il'sm 1n 00111-
~~i:0:~~:t:1;16:43, 29 December 2017 (EST)=~1:r.:~d:~=:~~-~:~.a~~B~E~J°
a toretgneP, is es1d ta be the most od.1us ot all men who ever
enoumbeNtd the earth. Re wsa a giant 1 n -~naolent, rapat1oua,
r,bilthy J had the fJnll of B bullock. the,. ,
ot an hyena and (he cn~7j
the• of a -peacock. He died at la•
41nt ot t.h1a own
elfel'gte1, wh1oh exhausted him.
"More remarkable at111 1s that Poe
waa praoticallJ the ·onl,J Amer1oan
writer ot his age who toreeaw • ome
ot the inevitable weakness•• inherent
1n the demoorat1o theory and boldly commented
CJ/J (!:) 7 > 'Rl1'1Rt.-ibam.
"In MELLONTA TAUTA' - a oonveraa t !onau~poaed to take plaoe 1n A. D.
~4A,Poe makes the above obaervat1on on
demoorao1 1n the United Ststee•.
Harvey Allan, srthur.
Are you w1111ng to hazsat"d ·a dime that, with cond1t.1 one
as ie 1n th1s Nation ot oura,. today where ~ 1a a festering sore at ever 'bJ 1)881 and votlnf 'en mase' 1s an
1nnovat1on, glaring, and the 'ta11 Juat about begins
to wag the iog 1 .1 000 ye&ra w111 elapae ere Poe' e prog•
noet1qstion 1e a N&l1ty ?

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