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4441 Music Street
New Orleans, La.
September 29, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

I am certain that the overwhelming majority of
responsible Southerners shared my revulsion at your
vicious castigation of Lester Maddox after his primary
victory. The one transcendent lesson we should have
learned during the past half-century is that an ag-
gressor or "bully" camot be appeased indefinitely.
That holds true whether the pacification is made on
an individual, city, state, federal, or international
level. You have tried to "finesse" a solution to the
Miegro excesses, apparently bemused by the spurious
idea so widely propagated by the "pinks", "reds", and
socialistic "do-gooders", that the negro unrest is

due to etser aa nee ens ignorance, and economic in-


the depression here in New Orleans major crime in

New Orleans was virtually limited to bootlegging,

an occasional bank robbery, and murders committed
within the Mafia itself. Now, as a result of the
insane rulings of the Supreme Court and the coddling

of inveterate criminals, no white woman can be secure
in her home, in her automobile, in her office, ina
hospital recuperating from illness, or even walking
from the bus or street car to her home. The negro
rapist is emboldened by the knowledge that he will
receive the benefit of the best legal talents which
such organizations as the American Civil Liberty

Union can furnish and will probably be pardoned, even
if convicted, because the jury did not have the precise
mixture of whites and negroes. A friend of mine who
owns a service station has been robbed by negroes four-
teen times within the past five years and shot twice.

Whether such provecateurs as King, the lynx-eyed,
fork-tongued Mounteagle alumnus, carried a Communist
card, is academic. The point is that he is helping
the Communist cause and will ultimately preside over
the flaming destruction of this nation unless leaders,
such as yourself, cease capitulating to his demands.

I enclose copy of letter which I wrote to one of
our federal judges here six years ago. My views are
identical today. I pray that the good people of Georgia

are shaking off their lethargy.

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