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Sept emee r 30th,
Mayor Ivan Allen,
City of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga.
Dear llr . Mayor:
We listened to y ou on Tee Vee excoriate Lester l4addox who is going
to • e the next Governor of the State of Georgia.
As compared to what Gear ia ha s had for r ecent Governors, lladdax is
one of the high est qualified individuals f or this high office in
your State.
What happen ed in our Country during the ast 20 and 30 years,
should •e as o•vious to y ou as i t is to others, and t hat is, the
United States of Amer ica i s • ein, controlled and i overne •Ya clique
of Educat ed Fools o
we ask, what good is the a•ility of a Lea er, i f this Lea er
leads you into Slavery and Communismo •etter we have a Leader with no
a•ility •ut who wants to lea us in t he riiht irection o
We thank God for Wallace, and lladdox, and Reacen, an those few true
Americans that we have left with us today, f or what they are try:inc to
do for us and our countryo
We ,ray each ni ht that we are now in a Nation wide sweep that will
. clear the Judas Goats and Quislings out of Office and •rin a Halt
to America's ove down the r oad to Ruin - O•livion - Disaster an
ultimate communism.
We truly hope ll.r. Mayor that all federal overnment }':3.wns such as the
likes of you, will •e eliminated from the American scene in the very
near future, and let us come to ~rips with the true pro•lems of what is
wroIJi with America today9
Maddox has felt the •ite of the Fe eral lash across his •aek, and unlike
so many spineless cowaris in America today, this man is doinc something
a•out ito He will have every •it of my assistance and my life to help An there are millions other like me.
So please Mayor step aside out of the way, Defore you iet shovea off
another automo•ile top.
Sincerely for Am.erioa, re.main,

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