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Atlanta, Georgia
September 17, 1966

Mr. Lester Maddox
P.O. Box 1212
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Maddox:

Enclosed is a donation of four dollars. According to an article I read,
you started a very successful restaurant business on a four dollar investment.
It is hoped that this four dollars will help get the four dollar donations
coming in for your campaign from people who can not afford more, but want to
help get Georgia and America back on their feete |

Mr. Maddox; the people who voted for you on September 1), 1966, are proud
of youe You have stood alone against tremendous odds of political and newspaper
power and also a class of rock throwing, fire setting, looting scavengers who seem
determined to undermine and sink this country of ours in a bed of quicksand to a
point of no return.

I am an exeservice man, having participated in two battles with some of the
best trained, most dedicated Americans in living memory. My two battle stars
represent the same things you and Governor George Wallace have been fighting fore
It is my opinion that you have the full support of every redeblooded American
who has the courage to stand up for his or her country.

Now lets get back to the four dollars. I think since you started a business
with four dollars, and Georgia was the fourth state of the Original 13 States, the
numeral FOUR should be your campaign number. The late Winston Churchill always
held up two fingers and formed a "V" for victory. I think it would be proper for
the Lester Maddox supporters to hold up four fingers to indicate a DOUBLE VICTORY.

I will not use language of the street, but I am sure there must have been
a lot of people who were born out of wedlock who did not vote for you in the
Governors election, however, with the inherited culture, attitude, and traditions
on which Georgia and America were founded, it is my opinion that you will be a
winner in the November election without their vote.


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