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John C. Bell
Box 251, Route 4
Inman, South Carolina 29349

October 1, 1966

Hon, Ivan Allen,
Atlanta, Ga.,
Dear Mayor Allen,

It was my fortune to see and hear
your most disgusting and uncalled for diatribe on
C B $ in which you expressed your opinion in no
uncertain terms about the result of the recent
primary in Georgia.

There is no one who is so intoler-
ant of other peoples opinion as a defeated "Liber
al " who calls himself a " Moderate". It seems voto
me that quite a large percentage of the population
of Georgia is " ignorant " a fact which I have
never noticed in visits to your city and state.
Mr. Maddox who started from scratch and by his
own efforts developed his successful business
could not have been very ignorant. He may have ยป
had very little formal education . Did you dev-
elop and build your own business ? It seems that
I have read that it was inherited,

Under your " wise " ghidance
Atlanta has become a "Mecca " for negroes second
only to Washington, D. C.,; as soon as they get a
majority they will kick the moderate white man =

out and take it over themselves,
I believe that the " running fit"

John O. Bell
Box 251, Route 4
Inman, South Carolina 29349

which you had on television the other night will

make thousands of votes for Maddox in the coming
general election. I had been hoping that Calloway
would win in November but with the reaction from
you, Mc Gill and Martin Luther King which has
appeared in the papers, on radio and televison
there might be such a back lash that Calloway
will be defeated. Anyway, either of the Canidates

will be better than your beloved Ellis Arnall,

Very Truly yours,

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