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Moultrie, Georgia
September 30, 1966
Mr . Ivan Allen
M yor, City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mr. Al l en:
If the people of Georgia were surprised over the election
of Mr . Lester Maddox as candidate for the Democrat Party,
then they were shocked over the statements you made i n
your speech Thursday when you called those who voted for
him a "combination of forces of ignorance, prejudice,
reactioni sm, · etc.".
If this were true, then there ce rtainly are a lot of
"ignorant" and "people of this type" in the State of
Georgia, when over four - hundred-thousand of them voted
for Mr . Maddox.
It would seem to me that if anyij n e has "tarnished the
Great Seal of Georgia " you have by the remarks in your
speech when you, a person in your position, made public
such statements for the whole nation to hear.
For your information, many people of all walk~ of life doctors, lawyers, teachers, and ordinary good citizens
whom you w uld call "ignorant" - have said they would
NOW vote for Mr. Maddox since hearing your slanderous
remarks about the people of Georgia, because they resent
you calling all the people who voted for him these names.
So you have really defeated your purpose, and instead of
causing people to turn against Mr . Maddox, you have caused
many to turn their support toward him.
I think you owe the people of Georgia an
apology for your
"name calling" outspoken and uncalled for statement. The
people of Georgia do not - cannot not - and will not
appreciate any such littleness in anyone, regardless of their
position and atanding~.
& .~

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