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September 29, 1966

—__—_—_—\—— Sion ee

a = Thave just witnessed the most disgraéeful,
inexcuseable performance on television that I

have-ever-seens Now Atianta—and_the-shole-worldad—
know what type mayor the city of Atlanta has,
—_—_—————_ something the—ftremen—ad renege 6 gs

This election proves two things: -

———_ —_—____ —_____-____—.—__The_people_are—_not—pleased—_with—the—___—
way government officials are backing mob rule.

: UL 7 ie Block voting is completely ineffective
amoeba. _w hen the people are interested in an election. —

a I have never had the priviledge of voting in a
city election. I shall certainly be looking forward
_to voting in the next one.

Sincerely, _

Ruth C. Solomon _

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