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Box 19, Folder 12, Document 37

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A f EJnous .American once s a i d "A college educ ation
never made BRAI NS a nd h e demonstrated t h is cla i m
, i t h t he f ollo - ing story : "A o T * Stewart , a bi g demartment - s tore merchant in Nev, York , m de a Sl ,666, 0 0 0
a ye a r; h e die d le aving not one in t h e whole organiza tion
capa ble of ca rrying on the busines s o A bank took it over ,
put a judge a t its h ead and he lo s s & mil l ion a · yea r"o
Are you quite sure t hat Mr ., Maddox is inc pable of
being a succe s sful governor? He seems to have made a succes
of h is own business until Mro John s on comes in and tells
h im h ow to run it ~
John J.1/T. i l ton s a id : "'Who overcome s by force
ha.s overcoine bllt hal f h is f oe" o
e who ascends to mount a in tops shald find,
Th e loftiest pe aks a ll wrapped in clouds and
SilOW o
He ho s ur pas ses or subdues mankind ,
Shall look do~n on t h e hate of t hose below.,
Lord Byr ono
ANVdWO:> S VX3l. 3H.l

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