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May 8, 1969

Mr. Forrest Gee
Purchasing Agent
403 City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

RE: Bid #3296, dated April 29, 1969, for the
Demolition of Stractures under "In Rem"

Dear Sir:

A review of bids received on 17 properties on the above mentioned date indicates
that the companies bidding are well qualified and bids are in line with previous
experience. Therefore, I feel that the contracts should be swarded on the basis
of the lowest bids submitted by each company as shown below.

W. H. Allgood & Company - 1181 Campbellton Road, S. W. $165.00
665 Julian Street, N. W. $250.00
115 Kelso Drive, S. W. $150.00
1162 Lucille Avenue, S. W. $250.00
1102 Marietta Street, N. W. $350.00
938. North Eugenia Place, N.W. $268.00
189 Polar Rock Road, S. W. $200.00
1276 Sizemore Drive, N. W. $283.00
GA. M-1
R-208 First Avenue, S. E. $130.00
128 Fulton Street, S. E. $200.00
227 Little Street, S. E. $200.00
65-71 Pope Street, S. E. $125.00

Hudgins & Company « #1 Watts Road, N. W. $295.00
GA. Me}

95-99 Flat Shoals Avenue, S. E, $300.00

Mr.-Forrest Gee

May 8, 1969

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Tri-City Wrecking Company - 1601 Hollywood Road, N. W. $345.00
GA Mel
530 McDonough Boulevard, S. E. $628.00
1425 Murray Street, S,. E. $360.00

We are now preparing the Resolutions authorizing the Mayor to execute the
contracts ard will present these Resolutions to the Aldermanic Board Meeting
on May 19, 1969.

Yours truly,

W. R. Wofford
Building Official


cc: A, C, Waddell


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