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Mrs. Wayne V. Greenberg
413 Aumond Road, Augusta, Georgia 30904
Octov r 4, 196e
R p. Charles L. Weltner
803 Peachtree St. N. E.
Atl anta., Georgia
D ar R p.
l tm,· ,
Rarely is on abl to rcfl ct with prid and joy:
Th r is an ijonorabl man! You hav stood up to b count d
among those Georgians who r ally car what happens in our
sta • You hav, at gr at personal and prof ssional
sacrific , displ ay d your banner for all to s • And w
applaud you.
I congr~.tula t you 1and many of my fri nds, unvocal though
thy r main at this tim, hav t ak n gr at hart from your
gestur. W ar not pl eas d with th choic (or is it an cho?)
b tw n Maddox a nd Callaway. W f 1 t hat G orgi a is worth
mor than this. W have com too far from that kind of
gov mm nt and philosophy that th s m n r pr s nt and
w hav not com so f ar t hat we can afford to risk it.
If G orgia is tor main an int gr al part of th s o United Stats
and grow and prosp r in accordanc wit h its pot ntial, w
must hav l ead rs w can trust; 1 ad rs of the calib$r and
stature of Charl s L. W ltn r.
W urg you to consid race pt ing a writ -in draft for
th gub rnatorial l ection. W n _d a gov rnor w can trust;
a man who will nsur dignity for all men, a man who will
bring honor and dignity to th Stat of G orgi a . A good
m n in a naughty world: Charl .s L. W ltn r.

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