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_“Oklahoma’s Greatest Newspaper” -
|: , 1869-1949

Page. 6 Saturday, October 1, 1966
Published Every Weekday Morning and Sunday by World Publishing Company
Byron V. Boone, Pres. and Publisher;
L. W. McFetrince, V-Pres.; Rogert E. Lorton, Sec.-Treas.;
Sip STEEN, Executive Editor -WALTER Biscup, Editor of Editorial Page
Put, DESSAUER, Associate Editor N. G. HentHorRNE, JR.; Associate Editor

The Lord shall guide thee continually.—Isa. 58:11

Sickness In Georgia ©

TWO MEN in the State of Georgia
personify the sickness the civil rights
movement has brought to our politi-
cal life in 1966.

One of course is LESTER Mappox,.
the new Democratic nominee for
Governor who won last Wednesday's
runoff primary with the help of a
powerful white-backlash vote.

The other is Mayor IvAN ALLEN of

| Atlanta, one of the leading civil-

rights moderates in the South and a
Democrat. He calls Mappox “totally

| unqualified” and says his nomination

resulted from “ignorance, prejudice,
reactionism and the duplicity of many

Republican voters.”

(In Georgia apparently there is

nothing to keep Republicans from

voting in a Democratic primary, and
i’s believed many of them voted for
Mappox in the belief he could be
beaten in the November general elec-

, tion.)

Auten is one of the progressives
of Atlanta who have tried to bring
reason and goodwill to the problem
of race relations, They have made

| their City probably the outstanding

; showplace of racial progress in the

But recently the new radicals fo-

- ee


mented street riots in Atlanta and
villified ALLEN as an enemy -of the
Negro when he used police power
to break up the fighting. That was
a bitter moment for a man who had
spent years trying to do constructive
work in one of the most sensitive
areas of human relationship. _
But that wasn’t the end. It wasn't
enough that black power zealots

‘turned on a longtime friend of true

civil rights; their fanaticism put fuel
in the anti-civil rights political cam-
paign of Mappox.

So now we see the flames fanned
by STOKELY CARMICHAEL and his fol-
lowers burning down the structure
of progress erected by men like
Aten. And Georgia falls backward
in race relations with the renomina-
tion of an out-and-out segregationist
who is best remembered for using a
pistol and ax-handles to drive
Negroes out of a cafeteria he once

It boils down to this: Between the
extremists—CARMICHAEL types at one
end and the MAppox people at the
other—the IvAN ALLENS in Georgia
are caught in a frustrating squeeze.
They are victims of the new mili-
tancy, just as is the cause of civil
rights itself,

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