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. "Oklahoma's Greatest Newspaper"
1869.-1949 ·
1·---------------------------~--- ! Page , 6
Saturday, :October 1, 1966
Published Eyer'y Weekday Mornlng and Sunday by World Publi!ihini Company
BYRON V. Boor,E, Pres. and Publisher;
· .
L. W. McFETRIDGE, V-Pres. ;
ROBERT E. LORTON, Sec.-Treas.;
SID STEEN, Executive Editor
.WALTER B1scuP, Editor of Editoriat Page
N. G. HENTHORNE, JR.; Associate Editor
The Lord shalt guide thee continualfy.-Isa. 58:11
Sicknes·s In . :.G eorgia ..
mented street riots in. Atlanta and
TWO MEN in the State of Georgia
personify the sickness the civil rights ·villified ALLEN as an enemy ·of .the
Negro when he used ·police power
movement has brought to our politito break up· the fighting. That was
cal life in 1966.
One of course is LESTER MADDOX,. a bitter moment for a rhan who had
spent years 'trying to .do constructive
the new Democratic nominee for
work in one of the most sensitive
Governor who won last Wednesday's
ar eas of human refationship:
runoff primary with the help of a
But that wasn't th·e end. It wasn't
powerful white-b acklash vot e.
that black power zealots
The other is MAYOR IVAN ALLEN of
Atlanta, one of the leading civil- · t urned on a longtime friend of true
civil rights; their fanaticism put fuel
1 rights moderates in the South and a
in the anti-civil rights political camDemocrat. He calls MADDOX "totally
paign of MADDOX.
unqualified" and says his nomination
So now we see the flames fanned
resulted from "ignorance, prejudice,
STOKELy CARMICHAEL and his folreactionism and the duplicity of many
lowers burning down the structure
Republican voters."
of progress erected by men like
(In Georgia apparently ther e is
ALLEN. And. Georgia falls backward
nothing to keep Republicans from
in race relations with the renominavoting in a Democratic primary, and
tion of an out-and-out segregationist
it's believed many of them voted for
who is best remembered for using a
MADDOX in the belief he could be
pistol and a x-handles to drive
beaten in the November general elecNegroes out of a cafeteria he once
ALLEN fa one of the progressives
It boils down to this: Between the
of Atlanta who have tried to bring
extremists-CARMICHAEL types at one
r eason and goodwill to the problem
end and the MADDOX people at the
of race relations. They have made
other-the IVAN ALLENS in Georgia
their City probably the outstanding
are caught in a frustrating squeeze.
, showplace of racial p rogress in the
They are victims of the new miliSouth.
tancy, just as is the cause of civil
But r ecently t he new radicals for ights itself.
_ __,_ ____ _,._,_:::-,l'ft

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