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Walter B. Shiver
P.O. Bex 749
Fert Myers, Fla,

Sept., 30 1966

Mayer Ivan Allen, Jr,
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

First, I agree fully with your statement in regards
to the election of Mr. Maddox.

I write this to you in the interest ef common sense,
and a plea fer sanity, if it can be ebtained.

My backgreund, ten years military, studied and practe
iced law - Navy, a discipline administrater and new
an Acceuntanto

The Civil Rights mevement and the racial riets are

twe cemplete preblems, the first has been made inte
law and in time will werk it self eut, but push it,
mere preblems will be created, The racial issue or
riets are riots, a fair but firm stand through law

enfercement plus seme preblem solving will element

that ill.

But, it seems te me that the veting public has new
let their emetiens beceme inflamed, with that, their

logical appreach te the matter is hard te appeal te.

Frem all the material I have read, and it started
ceming eut in early 1966. The cheice of candidates
was limited. The defeat of Mr. Arnold seems te be

a defeat put-forth te President Jehnson,. As for Mro
Maddex, that is just inflamed emetienal voting.

You know this as well as myself, I am fully aware of
the grewth ef yeur state and the economic stability
you now enjoy. The state of Geergia ne lenger has to
depend upen the seasiomal income eof the farmer.
Cetten, peanuts, patetes, etc are of the paste

Georgia's ecenemic cenditien, is knewn te you much
better than myself, but I de knew that it is much
better than the state of Flerida. We have our pro-=
blems toe, but Georgia has too much te leese.

Te myself, there is but one thing to de, protect the
egonomic growth (money).

Yeu new heave Mr. Maddex and Mr. Callaway to be elected
in Nevember. As for Mr. Maddex, there seems to be

a let ef deubt in his being an administrator, He has
ceme out with a platferm of the broken record of

Guide Limes, That point even if veted inte law, is
deemed to failure and your state may well end up

with a large deficit. Mr. Wallace's plain is going

te end in the same results. Plus being in the RED.

The law is the law.

Mr. Callaway, as I understand, is a man ei wealth in
his own right. He then sheuld understand the laws
ef econemics. Mr. Johnson violated them.

My main peint is this, the natienal picture is net

geod at the present time, nor dees it shew any signs of
getting better, before it gets werse. The balance of
payments are lagging by ten years, mere money is geing
out, than ceming in. That account is eut of balance.
What is ceming in, is fer geld. Inflatien is now

a reality and will only increase. Next August will

be felt hard. Then yeu will have a few measures to
centrel these conditions, but at the ether end there

is delfatien. One extreme to the other.

Peeple are talking, writing, calling recessien, de=
pression and inflation. Their ideals ef this coen-
dition are destorted. Its one extreme to the ether,
but the middle ground is the problem. The natienal
greuch is the ills or symptons, but the iLL is the
gold and balance of payments.

Please bear in mind, to fight a war on a long term
basis, ene needs money, net paneer; but gold te back
that paper up.

Te save words and space, you are aware ef the cendition,
if the people emetions sre inflamed now, just waite
until their pocket beeks hurt.


Leoking st the national picture, ene that understands
it, can very easily fecus it dewn to the state and
lecal level.

There are two examples I wish to suggest. 1. In
Europe from last figures, they held 28-29 Billien

in dellars. Gold on hand is 4 Billion for exchange,
10 Billien in reserve, giving a stetal of 14 Billion,
That gold is drepping every month. Mr. Jehnson has
entered inte agreements in this matter, and berrewed
4.5 Billion mere. Tetal 9 Billion in liabilities.
It is rebbing Peter to Pay Paul, and is only a short
term cures

2, The censtruction business has had 4.5 billion
dollars pumped into it, the interest rates have been
leveled eff, keeping them in line, but the banks are
still shert of cash te lean, plus their interest
inceme is still high. This money hes net been of tee
much help, because the centractors can not berrew

the needed money to start construction. No con-
struction, no mertgages. Their picture is net bright.
Ne wonder it looked like deficit spending. In Atlanta
there are 40 saving and leans asseciatiens. Their
picture should not be any brighter then others.

If ene is going to wind up with a deficit, lets not
meke it any bigger. Everything in the national pice
ture will affect the states, down te the people.

Some hew, some where = only you knew, Put these
issues before the people, net this emetional race
arguement. Te myself it is this, my stomach comes
befere pride.

My family argues the race issue, but net myself. When
a client comes in to get the final results. If he has
a prefit, I am the geed guy, if he is breke, I am the

biggest SOB walking. The same applies te taxes.

If I can be of assistance through writing, having on
hand much material and facts, plus sending out

articles all over. Please feel free te ask. I take
no sildes, but bring out the issues, and never let upo


Just thinking eut loud. We now have a backlash pattern,
just what started it, Your riet could have been aimed
at swing the public frem one extreme to the other.

Your law enforcement agancy couldn't be broken down,
but the riets could enflame the emetiens of the vetes,
making them swing to the other extreme, President
Jobnsen is lesing faver, se there is one way to leek at


This pattern is not new, it is quite eld. Hitler start-
ed these ideas and mode them werk. Recall he got into
pewer using emotions.

Then he fought a war on others gold,


alter B. Shiver

W. B. Shiver
PO Box 749

Fert Myers, Fle,

Seine eae ay
rAToR oR
Sh ea H fe
z i ee dod dee
Eee eee léee ie

Mayer Ivan Allen, Jr,

Atlanta, Georgia

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