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Kansas City, Moe
September 30 1966

£ a Negro soldier, ablebodied or wounded, wandered into
the jungles of Vietnam, you would not serve him? Even
risking hislife to make it possible for your continued
participation and benefit from the Amrican way of life, you would not serve
him? If sosyou sre not the man I fought for in th: Argonne aid at Verdun in
1916, nor the man my two sons fought for in Europe in the 19)0's. Certainly,
_4f you are on such close terms with God as your canpign talks amear to indi-
‘cate, He mst have told you that he created all men equal. I do not believe —
he said that any one human beins had thepower or authority to say that he is
better than another man, irregardless the colar of his skin. We must remrber
too, that the actual worth of one human being in his chemical makeup is about
85 cents, current drug stare prices, and that goes for all human beings whether.
they be rich or poor, black or white.
I wag proud to have Negro soldiers next to me in the Argonne, and they ant
the ones fighting in Vietnam ani their families, some of them now bereaved, can
live next. door tome any time or patronize my place of busimss.

Eddie (white) Landrigan
12th & Locust
Kansas C ity, Missouri

yor Allen of Atlanta

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