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Own Funeral
ATLANTA _ I was witness!
1 saw the birth of h~tred and
ignorance when Georgians elected Lester Maddox. How sad to
see Georgia's people"" Taugb at
their own funeral. ·
ATLANTA-I am sickened by
what the voters of this state
have done to Georgia by their
choice of a nominee for governor. It is time we did something about laws governing the
primaries, and stop this deplorable manipulation of the candidates by a group of Republicans who have helped put a
man like Maddox into the race
for gov~rnor ..
October 4.,1966
-·-.for Ivar,
City Hall
Dear Mayor Allan:
First we wamt to say how we love you as our Mayor of
Atlanta and also for the wonderful way that you handled the
racial disturbance on Boulevard recently.
We certainly know that there would have been more trouble had
you are gone over and settled it. Everyone loves you for your
courage and act.
But now., everyone is scared to death with the loss of Ellis Arnall
as Governor and just a week hardly from this day and now it is
Charles Weltner. How disbessing and everyone is so frightened that
the thought of an indiot.,insane ,unedcuated man who knows nothing
but tbouble and hate is about to take over.
Oh God,please don 1 tlet this happeno Mayor Allan., we can't have him
in the high office of our beloved State. It i s tragic .
Please do sooiething to get him out of office ., please, please do something.
Don't you t hink that Charl e s Weltner would c ons ider t his.,he is such a
wonderful person and we would all want him.
Please do something about this situation,i.mpeach him or anything to
get him out. You know t he Republicians voted for that
idiot or he would not have had a chance. Isn't t hat the lowest thing
to do, but they did it to get Esslis out. We are so afraid that he might
get in with his smooth talking. We understand that he got a lot of votes
too in the South Georgia. area where the poor,dum people live and you don't
know any better.
It is a a.uf)tl thing to happen to our State. Maybe the write in for Govenor
would get hi..m out.
I beg you Mayor Allan,please do not let him come ino

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