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Lewis C. Eason, IIT
1191 Weston Drive
Decatur, Georgia

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City of Atlanta

City Hell Building
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen,

My hat is off to you and your stand against the Democratic
Party's nominee for Govdtor of Georgia, The nomination of
Lester Maddox has set the Democratic Party back one hundred
years. I have always been a Democrat but now Iam ashamed to
admit this fact in public. My wife and myself will support
the Republican nominee in the November election for Governor.

I must confess that if you had come out in support of Lester
Meddox, this letter would have been in just the opposite tone.

With leadership, such as you have displayed, Iam sble to
salvage some self respect in being a resident of the Metro#

Atlanta area,

. 7 Md wis oie
Again, congradulations on such a cdPageous stand in this


KC, Earyn2t

Lewis C, Bason, IIT

P.S. Please excuse the typing errors; I rarely use a typewriter.
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