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October 3 1966
Dear Mayor Allen,
I am writing simply to say that I am proud to have
you as Mayor of our city.
I have always supported you, but along with many others,
I don't think I realized what kind of man you we re until our
recent "riots". I believe that you really care about Atlanta
in a very personal way.
The main reason for my writing this though is because
of your stand on our "political race" held last week. Many
lea de rs must have shared your v iew that it was "deplorable",
yet how many said so? Only you and Congressman Weltner,
who has given up a lot for his conviction.
Again, thank you for being a "strong" leader and for
caring about our great city .
7Jfw . vlr rf0/;~cl
Mrs. Guy <Q. LeGrand

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