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Box 19, Folder 14, Document 17

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19 I 5 Danielsvi Ile Road
A thens,Georgia,3060 I
2 Oc tobe r 1966
The Ho n or a ble Iv an All e n,
Ma yor of At l a n ta ,
Atl an t a , Georg i a
De a r
Mr . May or:
As g r a du a t e s tuden t s a t t he Uni vers i t y of Ge or g i a. and " adopted"
Geo r g i an s we f ee l compell ed to wr ite this n ote of appre ci at io n
and support . Your stand du r i ng the r ecen t civ il r i gh t s d i sturban c es in Atlanta and your courag eous , n on-theatr ic a l exposure
of your person at th e scene of the disturban c es are , i n our
opinion, without pre c edent. We a lso have great admi ra ti on for
your sta nd on the Maddox situ!!l.tion , and appreci 9te the difficult
position your courag e and i nte gr i t y for c es you to take.
Though a minor p oint, we would l i ke to tell you tha t stoke l ey
Carmichael I s p ublic descriptions of you a s "Ki ng I va n" and "Race
Czar 11 brought , to our persona l knowledge , nothing but contempt
for his ridiculous charadeo
Thank you very much, Mr . Mayor .
our admi r ation e
Yours truly,
Robert and Barbara Brummett
You h a ve our support as well as

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