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October 1, 1966
4340 Winch es ter Lane
Wes t Palm Beach , Fla .

Mayor Ivan Allen

City: 'Hall
Atl anta , Georgi a
Dear Mayor Al len :
I was delighted t o h ear your statement i n r egard
t o nomination of Lester Ma ddox as the Democratic
candi date f or gover nor of Georgia.
I was born and r ais ed in Atlant a , and I have lived
in Wes t Palm Beach f or appr oximately t en year s .
However , I am a member of the Young Democra tes of
Florida and I am naturally interested in ihat is going
on in my home t own in t he way of politics.
I was shocked to learn of t h e outcome of the
Democratic primary, but your statement, which I heard
on television that night ~as s ome consolation. I have
to admire you for stating what .you believe is right,
which is more t han can be said for Mr . Maddox. I am
very concerned about t h e up-coming election. I believe
that if Lester Maddox is elected governor of Georgia ,
it will be t he greatest set-back Georgia as had.
I am an "A" student in civics and .American
government, and a member of the Senior class of
Forest Hill Hi gh School in West Palm Beach . Being
only nineteen, I am unable to vote, but, as t hey say:.
"The youth of America ••• ".
A personal reply w. en you ave time will be
great ly appreciat ed. I had to tell you o much
I admire you- for your statement l ast week.
Thank you very much f or your time.
Du Free

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