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2714 Chapel Hill Road
Du_rham., North Carolina
September 29, 1966
Hon. Ivan Allen
Mayor of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dea r Mayor Allen:
As a graduate student at Duke University, I
am n ot often abl e to stay in my nati ve state of
Georgia f or any length of time. I have, however,
been much int e r e sted in t h e political c ampai gn ,
and now I deplore the results of the Democratic
primary . Today, on an Atlanta news broadcast, I
heard your comment s on the Democra tic nominee.
I am writing to commend you f or your forthright stand. It was good to hear a Democ ratic leader
call Lester addox wholly unqualifie d f or the off ice
he seeks. Hi s appeal to bigotry and irre sponsibility
have been contemptibl e, and the dam.age to Georgia's
reputation will , I fear, be great . Those of us who
have hoped that Georgia would continue to have
sensible leadership under the Democrats have been
greatly disappointed .
Your statement to the press expresses my
views well. The Democratic party has chosen an
unsupportable leader.
Sincerely y ours,
9rk_.~ ~
John-Mi chael Matthews

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