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2714 Chapel Hill Road
Durhem, North Carolina
September 29, 1966

Hon. Ivan Allen
Mayor of Atlanta
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

As a graduate student at Duke University, I
ean not often able to stay in my native state of
Georgia for any length of time. I have, however,
been much interested in the political cempaign,
and now I deplore the results of the Democratic
primary. Today, on an Atlanta news broadcast, I
heard your comments on the Democratic nominee.

I am writing to commend you for your forth—
right stand. It was good to hear a Democratic leader
call Lester Maddox wholly unqualified for the office
he seeks. His appeal to bigotry and irresponsibility
have been contemptible, and the damage to Georgia's
reputation will, I fear, be great. Those of us who
have hoped that Georgia would continue to have
sensible leadership under the Democrats have been
greatly disappointed.

Your statement to the press expresses my
views well. The Democratic party has chosen an
unsupportable leader,

: Sincerely yours,

ohn Michael Matthews

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