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Box 19, Folder 14, Document 24

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Communi cable Di sease Center
Atlanta , Ge orgia
October 2, 1966
Mayor I van Allan
tl a.nta, Georgi a
Dear 1 ayor Al l anl.:
ay we commend you on your forthr i ght , courageous, and
truth ful statement re gardin g t he candida cy of Les t e r .addox
for governor. If is unfortun a t e for all of us t hat this t ype
of hones t y and int egrity i s uncommon in Geo r g i a politici ans .
It is particul arl y d i squie ting t hat officials presumed to be
moderat es a nd progressives , eg. Charles We l tner and Ca rl
Sanders, have cho sen t o put party loyalty a~o ve human dignity.
v are proud of you , and you will conti nue to hav
ac ti ve su pport.
Sincer ly ~ou r s ,
.J):~ __ j--;J~IA , h,O~
)J(,.,{..-<7~ , { _ _ /
Dr. and~ . Mart i n S. Hirsch
Virology S ction
Laboratory Branch

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