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Communicable Disease Center
Atlanta, Georgia
October 2, 1°66

Mayor Ivan Allan
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allank

May we commend you on your forthright, courageous, and
truthful statement regarding the candidacy of Lester Maddox
for governor. I£ is unfortunate for all of us that this type
of honesty and integrity is uncommon in Georgia politicians.
It is particularly disquieting that officials presumed to be
moderates and progressives, eg. Charles Weltner and Carl
Sanders, have chosen to put party loyalty above human dignity.

We are proud of you, and you will continue to have our
active support.

Sincerely yours,

AV jm O.* Yensch, M0.

Ve ek de ' Alctice Fas
Dr. and Mrs. Martin S. Hirsch
Virology Section
Laboratory Branch
C «DaG *
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