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886 Mitchell Street, 8S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30314
October 2,.1966

The Honorable Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of The City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Sir:
As a renown citizen, politician, churchman, and educa-
tor, I would certainly like to commend you on your stand

against the Democratic party nominee, Lester Maddox,

I agree totally with your entire statement because
beyond a resonable doubt, the seal of Georgia has been


I am amazed at my fellow Georgians, who would allow
such a progressive state as ours, the empire state of the
south to fall into the hands of such an unscrupulous

person as Mr, Lester Maddox,

Respectfully yours

Kore bh. bn : a x
Mesbect J. Bridgewater, I

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