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Box 19, Folder 14, Document 35

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P. o. Box #1
Cr o,m Point, Indiana
September 30 , 1966
Honorabl e Na yor Allen
Gity of Atlanta
City Ha ll
Atlanta , Ge orgia
Dear Mr .
Last night, Thur sday , I saw you on the news on NBC-TV in
Chi c ago. It was good t o hear you speak out, unequivo cally,
concerning the nomi nation of Lester Iv,add o:x:.
I felt s add ened at his nomination: to think that so many
persons would gravit a te toward a man who stands for what he profe sses
to stand!
Also, I thought it was brave o f you to att empt to stop the
recent riots in Atlant a by a ppe ar ing on the s cene and publi cly
exposing yourself t o extreme danger by appealing to the cro, d
from a top a c ar .
I am cer tain there are many many more persons in this country
who feel as I do, but w"ho do not wr ite and say so.
Ke ep trying to inje ct rea son and sanity into t he situation
in Ge orgia .
Si ncerely ,
Deane h,alaker

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