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2739 Hillcrest Avenue
Macon, Georgia 3120)
September 30, 1966

The Honorable Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

You demonstrated that you were a man of level-headed courage by
your actions during the recent racial riots in Atlanta, Your public
reaction to Lester Maddox's primary runoff victory showed you to be
a man of strong convictions, to have the courage to express those
convictions and the guts to "call a spade a spade."

It appears that for the next four years the cards have been
"stacked" against Georgia by what you so aptly described as "the
duplicity of Republican voters," and that the choice facing us in the
November 8 election is merely that of selecting the lesser of two
evils. This being the case, I don't think any of us can afford to
"go fishing" November 8 as that may just as assuredly land us in the
worst possible situation as would a vote for Maddox. I know that for
many of us it is a choice that sticks in the craw, but it is one that
we have to face, now. (Besides, it is a secret ballot.)

I admire your stamina and willingness to stand up for what you

consider to be right. Keep it up, but just a word of caution: Don't
do anything rash. I believe I'd like to see you in the next guberna-

torial race.

John D,. Pigman


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