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45 Maple Avenue
Cambridge, Mass. 02139
September 29,.1966

The Honorable Ivan Allen
Mayor of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia


_ I have been a great admirer of yours since you defeated
Maddox for mayor in--it was 1962 wasn't it?--and on throuch your
recent encounter with Stokely Carmichael. But never have I admired
you more than when I heard your intense, sincere, perfectly .articu-
lated&tatement on the defeat of Ellis Arnall in yesterday's primary
run-off. You are the only person who has given any compensation for
the horror and dismay I have felt since discovering that Lester
Maddox actually defeated Ellis Arnall. I say it only to your credit,
that the statement you made today should have been made by Mr. Arnall.

I am a resident of Georgia (Macon), and it is as such that
I write to encourage you to offer yourself as a write-in candidate
for Governor, and to work vigorously from now until’ November for
that office. I wrote Mr. Arnall last night (upon hearing the election
returns) surcesting the same to him. But on the news tonight I
saw him congradulate Maddox with the statement, "The victory is yours,"
and this rather dampens one's enthusiasm. It is to you that people
like me now look (and I still remain convinced that there are more
of us than this election indicates). I expect that Maddox will take
a lot of Callaway's vote; and would a victory by you on November 8
be any more surprising than Maddox's yesterday? I am sure that many
more moderates and liberals--as well as people who are simply sane--
will get out and vote, after this catastrophe, especially if they
could vote for you. For many like myself it is a real problem whether
to vote for Callaway or not to vote at all.

I am a graduate student at Harvard; if there is anything
I can do for you, or for even reasonable politics in Georgia,

please let me know. And again, let me beg you to offer yourself
as a write-in candidate for Governor.

Sincerely yours,

é dward M. Moore

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