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Fred Romero iii
600 E. Country Club Dr.
Yuma, Arizona
Dear Mayor,
This letter is to express my appreciation and pride
for what you tried to do in the name of justice and fair-
play during the recent racial disturbance in your city. In
one sense it would seem that you did no more than what a
man in your position would be expected to do, but when it
is taken into concideration that you are a prominant Southern
Gentleman in charge of a large city in the South....what
you did is just this side of great.
Not many people would have acted as you did if they
were in your place. What ever your personal views on the
Negro. and his problems matters little. What does matter is

the fact that you saw fit to uphold the duties of yaur

office in the highest tradition. It would be all too easy

in this day and age for you to turn your back on the sit-
uation, things being what they are you would have had many
supporters if you had chosen to take a stand of silence.

I realize that a letter of this nature means little or
nothing to a man of your standing. You have more important
things to do than read trivia. But, still and all perhaps
if you receive more such letters from half way across the
continent, you will stand taller and fight harder knowing
that there are a few of us around who back you up.

Keep up the good work,

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