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P.O. BOX 248


October 1, 1966

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jdr.,
Mayor, City of Atlanta
City Hall

68 Mitchell Street, S. W,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr, Mayor:

The observations that you made to the public con-
cerning one of the results of the recent State Democratic
Run-off Primary were indeed masterful and you expressed
my sentiments exactly.

tL am enclosing copies of writings of even date here-
with manifesting my own proposals for solution of the pre-
dicament faced by those Democrats in our situation,

some way just must be found for reversing the moment-
ary blight that has come upon the excellent record of you,
your predecessor and the respective colleagues of each of
you made toward excellent and responsible government and
true democracy, brought on by the machinations you so
adequately described,

leanwhile, your stature increases with your every
manifestation of the ideal leader,

Sincerely yours,

Henry M, Henderson-

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