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From Georgia Laws, 1965 Session; page 766:

"Be it resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia:

"Section 1, Article II of the Constitution, relating to
the elective franchise, is hereby amended by adding at
the end thereof a new Section to be numbered Section VII
and to read as follows:

"Section VII. Paragraph I. Write-in Votes. No person
elected on a write-in vote shall be eligible to hold office
unless notice of his intention of candidacy was given
twenty or more days prior to the election by the person to
be a write-in candidate, or by some other person or group
of persons gamlified to vote in the subject election, as
follows: Ina state general election, to the Secretary of
State and by publication in a paper of general circulation
in the state; e * ° * es ° e . s e * ° o * . . . e . . * e

e oe . ee e ° o s . . ° * ° s . * i * * . e * The Gen=
eral Assembly may enact other reasonable regulations
and require compliance therewith as a condition of eligi-
bility to hold office in this State."

In the General Election of 1962 a similar proposed amend-
ment providing for ten days notice was defeated by a vote of:

FOR 81,935 AGAINST 113,763

as reported on page 845 of Georgia Laws of 1963. ‘The twenty day
limitation contained in the currently proposed amendment is
obviously worse than the ten day limitation contained in the
previously defeated proposal. .The ratification of the current-
ly proposed amendment would seriously impair the "safety valve"
value of the General Election for siuheee "debacles" Sevt

in the Primary Llections or intervening between the same
following General Election,

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