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July 28, 1966

Hon. Ivan Allen, Mayor
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

On Jély 27th we carried twelve Cub Scouts to Atlanta Stadium to see
the ball game and to meet the Graves - or so we thought.

We had been up to the Stadium Office on a previous visit and the
young lady told us we could bring the boys to an evening game at

6 pem, and they could be taken into the dugout to meet the players.
To confirm this I called Mr. Joe Gershon, President of the Braves
400 Club. He referred me to Mr. Jerry Sachs, Public Relations
Director of the Braves. His office told me to bring the boys down
to he dugout level seats at 6 p.m. and, even though they could not
go into the dugout, the players would come over and sign their
autograph books. This we did. We had the Cubs there at 5:45 and
they were the only children in the stands at the time.

Felipe Alou and Mack Jones came over and were extremely nice to
the boys, signing their books and Jetting the boys make their
pictures and talking to them, However the rest of the team were
rude to the point of being nasty to the children,

Twelve small boys were very disappointed; however, they were still
pulling for their Braves when they took the field.

How does a parent or leader of children. tell a boy that his idol
may be a great player on the field but that he is not much as a

We hope that something can be done so that other children will not

be disappointed as ours were. If necessary, the personnel should
instruct anyone who calls that it is not possible to meet the

Braves. Although I feel that this would be could for the spirit

of the players as well as the fans if there was a closer relationship.

Yours very truly,

NH dame] ton
Suzanne i.

Den thers, Den &

Cub Pack 33

Gordon Street Presbyterian Church
Atlanta, Georgia

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ec: Mr..dohn McHale

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