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April 12, 1966

An Operations Manual

on the Job to be Done

Prepared for The Atlanta Chamber
of Commerce and The Atlanta
Braves by Bell & Stanton, Inc.

February 20, 1966


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Atlanta Braves Opening





To fill Atlanta Stadium opening night, April 12.

To sell a maximum number of season tickets.

To obtain maximum interest in the Atlanta Braves --
locally, statewide, regionally through the entire
market area, and nationally, It is this year's biggest

baseball story.

Gaining momentum from all that is done, this operation
is a prime generator of maximum favorable attention

for Atlanta. Our major objective, then, is to pivot
this exciting baseball team and its home city ona

360 degree swing of visibility surpassing any attention

any city has received in the past.

Atlanta Braves Opening


Atlanta and the Braves are linked together; what
helps one on opening day supports the other. We have a
brief period of time in which to build a strong local
sense of this joint destiny. We have a brief period of
time to help the entire Atlanta metropolitan area
re-capture and put on a continuing basis, the sense of
active pride in the Braves they had when the team signed
to come here, and which was so manifest as the Stadium

itself was completed and opened.

All of that was preparation. It was passive,
as far as the entire populace was concerned. = asked
them to beam with pride, and they did. Now we ask them to
move into effective action: to talk up the Braves, to
support the Braves, to realize in so doing that all of
this effort demonstrates to the nation at large that
Atlanta is the city of spirit and "can-do" in the entire

United States.


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Atlanta Braves Opening

As in every good thing that has transformed
this town, the lead has to come from the business
community. The business community is in City Hall. It
is in office with the largest plurality ever given a
Mayor of a major city. Now that Mayor needs votes again
-- in the form of an all-out effort in behalf of Atlanta's
reputation when the eyes of the nation are on this city

opening night, April 12.

Essentially, that is what the plan of action

on the following pages is all about.

‘Bell & Stanton, Inc.

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Atlanta Braves Opening


To put across the biggest opening day baseball
ever has seen, we can think no little thoughts. However,
big thoughts are a futile exercise in mental gymnastics
unless supported with practical follow-through.. We need -
the help of all concerned to make certain we have both,

for only the thorough execution of this big job in the

end will win the day for Atlanta and for the Braves.

1. It is urgent that we get Atlanta into action
on season ticket sales. This will take personal contact
from the highest levels of the Atlanta business community,
directed toward the highest levels of the Atlanta business
community, plus efforts at that same level aimed at

business leaders in other market cities.

2. We need to start the ball rolling so that
every ad carried in the early part of Opening Week refers
to the Braves; every downtown office building takes on
the challenge of creating banners; every local theatre
enters the act; every school and college hereabouts
becomes involved, as does every taxidriver, every bus

driver, every member of the police force.

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Atlanta Braves Opening

(Summary of Recommendations

In addition to the regularly assigned sports

writers covering the beicors- Reese exhibition series

2h, 13-24
March 26>—27 and 28, Bell & Stanton will invite travel
and general feature writers to Atlanta at that time.
Plans call for them to see a game, be given personalized
tours of the city, and be guests at a superb dinner hosted
by Atlanta Newspapers, Incorporated and Jack Tarver.

We have already begun working with the national
magazines; Look Magazine will be here on assignment right
after Washington's Birthday as a first step. We ones to
get national television, including network news shows. The
"Today" Show should broadcast from Atlanta opening day, on
the day after, or both. We need more press association
series on Atlanta and its team; the hassle with Milwaukee
has made this the biggest seers yarn in years.

4. We need to have the cream of Atlanta's business
community take on the task of personally inviting the very
top leaders of the nation to be their house guests over Open-
ing Day. Every branch of a national firm should have its
national president here. This is far more than a baseball
game. It is Atlanta's day in the court of public opinion

when everything that makes this town great is on display.

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Atlanta Braves Opening

(Summary of Recommendations

5. We need help in pulling our loftiest
national political leaders here, and that need goes
right to the top. We need all southern governors and

many mayors here.

6. We need to get glittering celebrities
here, and we shall call on Bill Bartholomay personally
to guide and help us on that. We will call on Georgia
advertisers who use personalities in their campaigns to
have those celebrities here. And of course baseball's

officialdom is a vital part of the program.

7. We need to mount a Mayor's Dinner on the
eve of the Big Game which will show the greatest out-
pouring of Atlanta's exits: —ana the nation's well-known
figures--that Atlanta has seen since the 1939 premiere

of "Gone With The Wind".

8. We need a parade Opening Day afternoon
which will be unforgettable in Atlanta's annals. We
see this as featuring every high school and college
band in the area, each band sponsored by an Atlanta-

area business firm; Braves and Pirates stars; the Mayor;
The Governor; celebrities.

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Atlanta Braves Opening

(Summary of Recommendations

The bands later go to the game with tickets paid for
by their sponsors. Who ever heard of such generosity
and spirit on the part of business leaders? It takes

Atlanta to put this over.

9. We need to coordinate with Pittsburgh
leaders to get a representative Pittsburgh group here.
We need to get plans started as well for the Atlanta
leadership to be in New York Friday, April 15, when the
Braves open the Mets' home season, and in St. Louis,
Thursday, May 12, when the Braves open the new St. Louis


This is the essence of the bold but simple
program which we ask Atlanta to support. As we write
today, we cannot estimate costs precisely. If all who
come to the Mayor's Dinner pay substantially more than
the $7.50 cost per head of the affair, we can obtain
part of the needed funds at that time. Atlanta will spend
what is needed, regardless of where the funds come from,
we are confident of that.


P. ia an
¥ | COPY \copy


Atlanta Braves Opening

(Summary of Recommendations

At Bell & Stanton we will not spend any significant

amount without prior clearance from the Chamber. One
thing must be clear: this over all is Atlanta's challenge,
for in saluting the entry of the Braves, Atlanta salutes
itself and she shows the nation once and for all, the kind

of fibre that makes up this remarkable community.


— "game
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Atlanta Braves Opening


In the section that follows, we list specific
plans, with complete assignments. The Bell & Stanton
public relations organization is charged with working
closely with the Chamber, with the Braves, and with all
other involved groups and individuals. We must see to

the action of each committee.

Overall supervision will be the responsibility

of the firm's president, Alan Bell, from New York, and

of Senior Vice-President George Goodwin from the Atlanta
office. The specific Bell & Stanton executive under them

will be David Pearson of Atlanta.

Already the Chamber has offered to lend the
firm extra manpower as evidence of strong support. Extra
people as needed will be employed on a temporary basis
if the pace builds up too swiftly. In any event,
additional staff from the New York Bell & Stanton office,
headed by Executive Vice-President Edward Stanton and by
the New York account executive for "Forward Atlanta,"

Margaret Larson, will be closely involved at all times.

Atlanta Braves Opening


The Assistant General Manager of the Braves,
Jim Fanning, has led a task force which already has sold
some 3,000 season tickets during the course of an intense .
area campaign over months. It is only now, after Fulton
Superior Court Judge McKenzie has spoken, that it is
possible for anyone to be able to go all-out on this.
Season tickets should be sold to every business organization
in this area, for use of its employees and customers.
This sales need comes at a time when the Braves organization
must turn its attention more and more to spring training.
The community can -- and we suggest, must -- help put

across this sales effort.

1. We suggest that Mayor Allen assemble in his

office a group of leading businessmen to take over on this

project as they would on any emergency, for we approach
crisis when we have sold so few season tickets this close

to Opening Day of our first Big League season.

Atlanta Braves Opening

(Season Ticket Sales

2. Let the group that meets with the Mayor include:

A. The five major bank presidents

B. The president of the Sales & Marketing
Executives Association

-C.—_ The Chambexr—_president

3. If the Mayor agrees, the banks should be
asked to use their contact officers, both from the main
office and from branches. These officers should contact
all corporate customers, urging those customers to buy
season tickets to be used by their executives, by their

employees, and by their customers.

The contact officers should take specific
ticket orders -- with no money changing hands. A senior
officer in each bank should receive these orders and
should relay them to Mr. Fanning of the Braves, who will

fill the orders and bill the purchaser direct.

Atlanta Braves Opening
OM-12 _

(Season Ticket Sales

(NOTE: Bell & Stanton will provide all banks with lists
broken down by categories of the firms and individuals

who already have purchased season tickets.)

Mr. Fanning, for his part, will supply daily
lists of new purchasers to all bank supervisory officers


Mr. Fanning will supply all contact officers
with adequate supplies of season ticket brochures and
ticket oxder blanks. He also will see that ticket sales
personnel is available at the Stadium to serve purchasers

who want to select seats in person.

As a final point:

qcory | Copy | COPY lcopy
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Atlanta Braves Opening


Tucker Wayne & Co., as advertising agency for
“Forward Atlanta" and for the Braves, is requested to

assemble at the earliest moment a gathering of all

agencies, all advertising managers, all sales managers

of newspapers, radio and TV, all retail sales promotion
directors, newspaper representatives and the Georgia
Association of Broadcasters to consider the following

A. Insofar as is feasible, every advertising
message placed locally beginning with Easter Sunday, and
continuing through Opening Day (the following Tuesday)
should salute the Braves, or otherwise speak of them.

B. We would hope all concerned would explore
the possibility of a special section to be run in both
newspapers on opening day. This would be something to
be pulled out and saved. It would be filled with news
and advertising material suitable for such a special

section, commemorating the day Atlanta Goes Big League.

qcoP ¥


Atlanta Braves Opening

(Advertising Support

C. Every store in and around(|should have special
windows and in-store displays to salute the opening of the
first season. Tucker Wayne is requested ko assign one staff
member to stay with this, working separately with the sales
promotion department of each major store, and working with .
Managers of others. The Braves will make some display
material available, but basically all of this should be put
together as the contribution of the stores involved.

1. As a subpoint, stores are urged to
consider tying their sales which start on Monday after Easter
to the debut of the team. Why not call the events: "Braves
Day Sales?" |

D. We ask that Tucker Wayne work with the Georgia
Association of Broadcasters to prepare a special Sie cndemke
promotional film for the Opening Day, and these would be
made available at no cost to all TV stations in the entire
market area, as well as to as many motion picture theatres
as seems feasible (all those in greater Atlanta at least).

We would hope these would be run as public service gestures.


copy | | coPY |)COPY

Atlanta Braves Opening

(Advertising Support

E. We specially ask that the advertising

agencies of the four sponsors of the Braves -- Coca-

Cola, Pure Oil, P. Lorillard, and Falstaff -- work

closely with the coordinating committee. Their active

help in mounting promotional spot campaigns, advance

advertising, and banners, cards, and giveaways would

be of great worth to all concerned.

Atlanta Braves Opening


We ask the Chamber of Commerce to assign a staff

executive to work closely with all employers of office staffs

in the downtown to arrange for display material in the form
of banners or window painting to evidence enthusiasm for the

start of baseball.

This would be appropriate activity for members of
the Junior Chamber to take on, under direction of the "Forward

Atlanta" group at the Chamber.

Further, the Chamber should contact the Restaurant
Association, the Motel Association and individual major hotels
to arrange for lobby displays, special menus keyed to Opening
Day, special room notices to be in every guest room each day

of the Opening Week.

No group is more important to Big League baseball
on a continuing basis than the Police Department. We suggest
an immediate meeting held with Cheif Jenkins by the executive
vice-president of the Chamber, and by representatives of Bell
& Stanton, to discuss all matters planned, and to solicit



ger |

Atlanta Braves Opening


Two weekends before Easter is, under the
circumstances, an appropriate time for having the nation's
top travel and general writers come to Atlanta, with their
wives, as guests of the city. It would be inappropriate to
ask them to be away from their homes on Easter weekend, and
the Le date, while not ideal, would permit their schedule

in Atlanta to include attending the exhibition game Sunday,

Srds2 / ites
between the Braves and the Dodgers.

This tour would be low in key, and would give us
an opportunity to show Atlanta during the dogwood time, and
at the same time let the visitors soak up the baseball flavor.
They would be supplied with press kits -- material on all the
lures of Atlanta, latest material on the Braves and on the
stadium -- would be taken to our major attractions here. But
they would not be rushed. They should have time for golf,
Stone Mountain, the Cyclorama or for a trip to Lake Lanier's

Yacht Club for houseboating and for Saturday lunch.

We suggest they have a Spring Weekend in Atlanta
beginning with Friday evening departure from New York,
returning to New York Sunday evening, following the ball



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Atlanta Braves Opening

(National Press Preview

We would show these people Atlanta and the

surrounding areas on Saturday, with the high point being

a fine dinner at which the Cox newspapers would be the

host. Talks would be given by Mayor Allen and by Ralph
McGill, who of course is known and respected by all the
journalists attending. The quality of Atlanta that will
appeal to the visitors will include their exposure to
Atlanta's springtime loveliness, and the Sunday highlight
of the stadium and the ball game.

We will have perhaps 80 people in all, 40 writers
and 40 wives. We will need hotel rooms; we suggest they all

be at one hotel such as the Marriott.

We propose that we be given permission to establish
a committee to explore this proposal thoroughly. On this
committee should be officials from Delta, from the Marriott,
from the Chamber, from Cox newspapers, from the Braves and

of course Bell & Stanton.

This is designed to have major travel stories break
in key newspapers around opening week of the season, at a time
when, hopefully, so much else will be appearing on the new

baseball team and its city. This advance exposure is needed to

gain the full press coverage.


Atlanta Braves Opening


We ask the president of the chsadiven and the
head of "Forward Atlanta" to take on the task of
coordinating with the business and cultural elite of
Atlanta an unprecedented "Red Carpet" invitation to their
peers nationally, to come ss Atlanta for the Opening Day
festivities. These would be friends inviting friends,

and the guests for the most part would be houseguests.

Essentially, we seek to have a significant
number of the nation's decision makers in Atlanta, not
just for the ball game, but primarily to sample Atlanta's

atmosphere in springtime and its spirit in general.

To do this properly, we need help from Lockheed
to fly in certain of the guests. Others of course will
have their own corporate aircraft or will fly commercially.
But the availability of JetStar help from Lockheed would
be of the greatest help, and would be of worth to Lockheed
as well in its role as the greatest single industry in


copy | | cory COPY

= ————__ --——_——_ -—


qcoPy |

Atlanta Braves Opening

(Person-To-Person Visits

The guests would come on Monday after Easter, in
time for the Mayor's Dinner. If they cannot come until
Tuesday, they will see the downtown parade, see the ball
game, see the first class facilities in the Stadium and

catch the way Atlanta is on the move.



Atlanta Braves Opening
OM-21 _..


With the active help of Mayor Allen and the
Governor, it is hoped that political speaks of the first
rank will converge on Atlanta, both for the Mayor's
Dinner on Monday, and for the game and all that goes with

it on Tuesday.

How appropriate it would be if it is the
President who throws out the first ball. We know thought

is being given to all of this.

On other levels, this occasion is an opportunity
for all the Governors of the South, and the.mayors of the

largest cities of the South, to come to Atlanta officially.

Bell & Stanton suggests it work with the Mayor,
and with the Governor, on all aspects of this objective.
It fits Atlanta's role of leadership for the entire South,
however; for her to think in just such terms as she puts

together the official invitation list.

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Atlanta Braves Opening
OM-22 _.


Top Hollywood and public personalities who also
are baseball fans would add much to the excitement and
impact of Opening Day. Mr. Bartholomay will be very
helpful in this area. He already has offered to help.
We'll call on him for an all-out effort to entice to
Atlanta the Danny Kayes, the Natalie Woods, and other

stars who are red-hot fans.

The Commissioner of baseball, the presidents of
both leagues, all team owners, and other such luminaries
comprise an obvious invitation list which will be worked

out with the Braves, both for the Mayor's Dinner and for

Opening Day.

[x R
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Atlanta Braves Opening


We suggest Mayor Allen appoint private club

co-chairmen, one white and the other Negro, to gain the

support of all the social organizations serving Atlanta.

The men chosen for these roles should be impressed with

the need to get on with the task of rallying every social

club in Atlanta behind the Opening Day program.

This would
clubs, although that

behalf of the events

We believe

include more than decorating the
and canvassing the membership in

is important.

a need exists for an early buffet

the night of the game and that arrangements should be

made for buses to take members to the stadium.


+t HH F

=~ Peecciiges
' copy

Atlanta Braves Opening


We see the Monday night, black-tie dinner for
1,200 at the Marriott as representing Atlanta's official

statement in behalf of the Braves. It should be the very

finest of affairs. The list of speakers should be not too

It may be that one of the celebrities under

discussion could entertain at the dinner.

In every way, it should be an affair at which

the most polished guest would feel comfortable.

Although the dinner, as we see it, should be at
the Marriott, that is only because it has the largest room
for the purpose. We would hope all hotels in Atlanta, in
their realization of how much the presence of baseball will
mean to them, would cooperate in all aspects of the event,
and have the menus so publicly state.


XERO ‘ERO —— en
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Atlanta Braves Opening

(Mayor's Dinner continued)
Therefore, we suggest the Mayor appoint a
Dinner Committee which would cut across the hotel community

of Atlanta, and which also would include representatives of

the Braves, of the Chamber, both sports editors, and the

general managers of all radio and TV stations.

We suggest the possibility of charging $15 per
ticket, rather than the actual cost of $7.50, in order to
obtain promotional funds to go toward meeting the City's

and Chamber's special April expenses.

Atlanta Braves Opening


Think of a parade, wending its way down
Peachtree Street from the area of the Capital City Club
to Five Points and ending at Hunter Street; a parade
bursting with the music of every high school and college .
band in the Atlanta area -- plus every ball player on the
Braves roster, all the Pirates, Mayor Allen, Bobby Bragan,

and celebrities.

We think such a parade would be fresh, would
symbolize better than anything else the way young Atlanta
is taking Big League baseball to heart, and would make great

pictures for the national press.

We suggest this be held in the afternoon of the
Opening Day game. We see it as being held from 4 to 6 P.M.,
presenting of course problems of traffic, but with the parade
carefully confined to the heart of the city, thus out of the

way of home-bound vehicles to a great extent.

All of downtown would be decorated -- if the
various committees have done their jobs. It would be Atlanta's

great ticker-tape parade, filled with youth and music and heroes.




Atlanta Braves Opening

(Opening Day Parade

We suggest that each marching band be the
responsibility of an Atlanta business organization which
can make as much of the relationship as it wishes. The
possibilities for generating good will are considerable.

At the least, all members of the marching bands should be
given free eickate to the opening game, courtesy of their
sponsoring business firm. In some schools this means 100
tickets. The students would sit in special sections, still
in their marching uniforms. They would check their instru-
ments at the end of the parade of course, then would have

two hours to eat and get to the stadium.

We suggest Mayor Allen appoint a parade committee,

to consist of the people who know most in Atlanta about

parades. That includes WSB staff, department stores, and of

course representatives of the Braves. It would seem to us
that Arthur Montgomery, as chairman of the Stadium Authority, -
might assume responsibility for lining up the sponsoring
business organizations. He could be helped in this by Chamber
staff, and by committee members from the Board of Education

and other school groups including the colleges.

+e eH F

Atlanta Braves Opening
_OM-28 ©


We ask that Mayor Allen appoint a broadcasting
committee to meet as soon as possible, to lay plans and
thereafter to work with Bell & Stanton on all aspects of
network TV and radio coverage of the festivities
surrounding opening day. The objective would be to use
the event itself as the possible news peg which could
lead to significant national TV and radio attention to the

city of Atlanta.

We would like to call on the active help of all

local broadcasters to get this exposure.

Further, we would like the help of WSB in
particular in seeing about getting the "Today" show either
to originate the morning after the game from Atlanta, or
to have a part of the show with an Atlanta dateline. If

it is necessary to pay for this, we should find out the

costs involved, and then see about obtaining the funds.

ERO —— oie
COPY | Read [eens


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Atlanta Braves Opening


(National and Local Television
and Radio continued)

Generally, the networks would cover the event
as news, but we should stay flexible in order to help in
every way possible. What kind of town is this Atlanta
where Big League baseball is making its debut? That ie
the story underlying the big event itself, and we feel

this will have interest to broadcasters.

On local TV and radio exposure, we ask that the
committee work with all stations, definitely including
those serving all ethnic audiences, to arrange for spring
training interviews with players, and then for interviews
as the season is about to open. Much of this will flow
spontaneously from the Braves own public relations effort

but the special broadcast committee should try to be



—y of


Atlanta Braves Opening


The Atlanta peeves we1i open the season for the
Mets April 15 and the new St. Louis Stadium for the
Cardinals May 12. We shall work with the Mayor, with hie
Chamber, and with the Braves, on coordinating all aspects
of this. Several officials should go to each opening.
How helpful it would be if Lockheed could supply a JetStar

which would be the official plane flying to both cities.

We shall stay in touch with the Mayor, the
Chamber, and the Braves on this, and will approach Lockheed

if given permission.

qeor? | copy | copy COPY

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