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May 12, 1966

Mrs. Norman M. Shipley
101 Chinquapin Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30060

Dear Mrs. Shipley:

Mayor Allen has sent me your letter and a copy of his to you, regarding your
request that we sing the National Anthem before all of our ball games at the


I believe, we have an honest difference of opinion. I am one who does not
believe we should sing it before every game, but I would rather save the sing=-
ing for special occasions, when we have a large crowd and attendance; when
the singing will sound particularly traumatic.

In my estimation, the Anthem is quite a difficult song to sing and we have a

rather small attendance people seem to have a great reluctance to stand up
and be heard. Therefore, our policy is one of singing the Anthem only on spe-

cial occasions.
Thank you for your interest and I hope that our reasoning makes sense to you.


Jerald S. Sachs
Public Relations, Director


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