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APO San Francisco 96207

17 April 1966

Mayor. Ivan Allen
Executive Office
City Municipal Headquarters
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

From an article (UPI) in the Pacific Stars & Stripes Newspaper, Saturday,
16 April 1966, I read of Circuit Judge Elmer Roller's decision ordering the
Atlanta Braves to return to Milwaukee unless the National League agrees to
expand to include Milwaukee in 1967.

I am confident from the many excellent accomplishments your administration
has done that your diligent efforts will focus once again in any area you
deem assistance can be rendered to the Atlanta Braves from your capacity as
Mayor of our metropolitian city.

I have talked with many fellow citizens, who are also in the Armed
Forces and stationed here, and I found pride and high spirit in support
of the Atlanta Braves.

Realizing of course, this case will possibly go to many Circuit and
Federal Courts for decisions to be made. I am hopeful our season schedule
will not be effected by Judge Roller's recent decision.

In conelusion, we fellow Georgians here cannot physically be of
assistance to you or our fellow citizens due to our absence. However, I
assure you, sir, when I arrive home in August this year if home games
are scheduled I will be there with great enthusiasm.

Sincerely yours,

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