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Iam glad that the former chairman of Atlanta's police committee


and former member of Atlanta's finance committee has again had an opportunity
to vib/ voice his old objections to the building of the Atlanta Stadium and to
She gpd We Sete

the method of financing between the City, of-Athanta+Futton County, Recreational

Had Alderman Gilliam been able to prevail in the past against
the unanimous approval of the Board of Aldermen, we would now be without
anew stadium, the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Falcons, His jadgenient i
constantly wrong in the past, still guides him,

Ihave complete confidence in the Authority and the members
who compose it, They are able citizens who have been appointed by the govern-
ments of the =, city and county. They have done an outstanding and
commendable job, and certainly have the full support of the great majority
of all Atlanta citizens,

Full knowledge of the contractual relationship between the
Stadium Authority and the Braves has been made public at all times. The news

media have been offered complete copies of the contract, and it has received

full and wide public coverage,


Alderman Gilliam's charge that there is @nyetkine sinister about

this contract is as absurb as his present effort} to injure Atlanta's fine success
in major league sports,

He has made mention of the responsibility of the Stadium Authority
to indemnify the Braves or the National League as to legal costs in their move

to Atlanta, I heartily concur and support our defense against Milwaukee and

F ,. their
Milwaukee County in om efforts to break our contract and take the Braves back,

Whatever money Milwaukee wants to spend to attenpt to break
our contract will be matched by Atlanta in offsetting such attempts. We have
the Braves and have them for 25 years, and are perfectly willing to match
dollar for dollar what Milwaukee is willing to spend foolishly to try to get

them back,


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