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Zimmermann, Bruce
2859 N. Marietta Ave.,

Milwaukee, Wis. 53211

Mr. Ivan Allen,

Mayor, Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir;

Baseball is a wonderful game, and it can provide many hours of
family entertainment. Professional Baseball offers the citizens of the
particular area an actaenmaae show of skill and cunninge The fans of
Wisconsin thought so, as they proved with attendance of 18,000,000 for
thirteen seasons. Georgia will undoubtedly do just as well, if not better
with their team.

Please let me speak frankly and honestly with you about one parti-
“cular team; the Braves Baseball Club. While I feel you (Atlanta)
deserve a team, I also think that you deserve a team better than the
Braves. I speak not of playing performance, but rather of ownership
performance. Even though you te VeutNenety welcoming the team, you must
have some wel] founded doubts about the caliber of ownership that comes
with it. Owners that lie, deceive, hide, and keep quiet about problems
are not too desireable. For your own sake, I hope the Braves become
locally owned soone

You must realize that the court action taking place here in Milwaukee
is only natural considering the circumstances. Considering the fight
we are putting up to keep baseball, we really can't be that poor of a

baseball town. Thank yous

Yours truly,

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Bruce Zimmermann

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