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W. A. SCOTT, II, Founder
C. A. SCOTT, Editor-General Manager
Published Every Morning Excep t Mond ay, at 210 Auburn Ave.
Affiliated Semi-Weeklies
210 Auburn Ave., N . E.
Atlanta (3), Ga.
Phone: JAckson 1-1459
Februar y llt, 1966
Ci ty of Atlanta
The Mayor' s Office
At tn: Mr s. P.n..l'l Dr ummond Moseley
City Hall
Atl anta, Georgia
Dear Mrs. Mosel ey:
We, l ike everyone else in ~tlanta and t he Southeast , are so enthusiast ic over the raves Baseball t eam coming to t he city that we
de cided t o do a special edition for their arrival on April 12, 19660
Sl.lllday, April 10th, the Atlanta Daily Worl d is publishing a
'"delcome Braves" edition, crambed with pictures, stories, and figures,
showing the full impact of the event. We are anticipating a tremendous response to the event and feel certain that you would i~ant to be
a part of this historical event as it occurs.
Cost for
set, will be
er space will
will be April
a page in this edition, which is being printed in off344.40 ( this covers 168. inches of spaceQ. Cost for lessbe $2.05 per column inch. Deadline for submitting copy
In a few days a representative will call on you to discuss your
participation in this event. With best wishes, I am
Cordially yours,
J. R. Sirrmon s
Advertising Manager

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