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Mayor Of
Atlanta Asks
U.S. Race Law

Washington (UPI)—The
mayor of Atlanta Friday urged
Congress to enact President
|Kennedy’s proposal to ban
racial discrimination in hotels,
restaurants and other private
businesses open to the public.

The appeal of Mayor Ivan

Allen, Jr., was the first by a
major Southern publie official
favoring the so-called public
accommodations act at hearings
by the Senate Commerce Com-

Allen led off a full day of
testimony on both sides of the
capitol Friday on civil rights
legislation. South Carolina Gov.
‘Donald $. Russell was sched-
uled to appear before the Senate
‘lgroup after Allen.
| “Cannot Dodge Issue”
Mayor Allen testified that if
‘|the open-facilities act is not en-
‘acted, some Southern cities
which voluntarily banned dis-
crimination might reverse
‘themselves and return to poli-
‘leies of strict segregation.
‘| “We eannot dodge the issue,”
a said. “We cannot ook
| over our shoulder or turn
the clock back to the 1860s.” |

But Allen said a public ac-

commodations act should con-'"

Friday, July 26,1963

tain provisions giving cities and
businesses ‘‘a reasonable time”
to desegregate before the fed-
eral government intervened.
Integration Limited

Over the past several years,}«

Atlanta has desegregated public
schools, lunch counters, city
facilities, swimming pools,
hotels, restaurants and movie
houses, and has started hiring
Negro firemen.

But Allen conceded that the
city has achieved only a meas-
ure of success and said that
participation of Negroes has
been limited so far.

The mayor said that if Con-
gress failed to pass a public ac-
commodations bill it would


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“amount to an endorsement of
private businesses setting up an
entirely new status of discrimi-
nation throughout the nation.”

Allen described segregation as
slavery’s stepchild” and said
it was a challenge “to all of us

to make every American free in
fact as well as in theory.”

Three Die in Crash

Hong Kong (UPI — Three
British army officers were
killed Thursday when _ their
plane crashed into a mountain —
near the Communist Chinese
border during a flight exercise.

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