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of squabbles and demonstra
tions that we have had in the

“IF TY HAD YOUR problem,
armed with the local experi-
ence I have had, I would pass
a public accommodations bill,”
said Allen.

He asked that southern com-
munities be given time to make
the adjustment voluntarily be-
fore being hauled into court.

In resnonse to questions,
he suggested a _ fiwo-year
Srace period for cities. and
More for small communities.

“But the point I want to
emnhasize again.” he said, “is
that now is the time for lecis-
lative action. We cannot dodge
‘the issue.”

“WE MUST take action now
to assure a greater future for
our citizens and our country
... the elimination of secrega-
tion, which is slaverv’s. stev-
child, is a challenge to all of
us to make every American
free in fact as well as in the-

This strong statement in he-
half of equal rights from a 52-
year-old native of Georgia
deeply moved liberal members
of the committee.

“1 THINK,” SAID Acting
Chairman John @. Pastore (D-
RI), “that when President
‘Kennedy wrote his book ‘Pro-
files in Courage’ he was think-
ing of you.”

It also led to a sharp ex-

change between Pastore and
Sen. Strom Thurmond (D-S.C.),
all-out opponent of any civil
rights legislation.

Allen if he would favor the
legislation even if it meant
closing every restaurant in
Georgia, Pastore cut him off,
calling it a “loaded” question
of the have-you-stopped-beat-
ing-yvour-wife? type. |

Pastore said he wouldn't per-
mit, questions asked to embar-
rass witnesses and to “catch
tomorrow morning’s head-

“T DON’T WANT the mavor
to go home and be known as
the man who wants to close
all the little restaurants in
Georgia,” said Pastore.

Thurmond called Pastore’s
action “improper” and said he
resented the “insinuation” that
he had asked an unfair ques-
tion. He said he was trying
enly to get the truth to the
American people.

“Your truth is not my
truth,” snapped Pastore,

When the audience ap-
plauded, Thurmond ¢alled
them “leftwingers” and said he
was “surprised” that Pastore
permitted the audience re-

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