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The Hon. Ivan allen, Irs
ievor, Atlenta, Georgia

Deaxy Mr. Mayor:

Your testinony before the Senate Commerce
Gomis’ es must be an inspiration to every
honoreblé citizen. At last, I can appreciate
the significance of the title eeptonerdiy
accorded to Mayors. Certainly, your appear-—
ance before the Connittee has teen a tectinonial
to the Honorable leaders strugglins in isolated
sectors of our country, Worth and south,

At times, I fear for our country, especially
when a Men must be commended for courage in
procleinings truth. Hovever, inspiring Leaders
such as yourself must keep me from despair.
Just 2s I consider the national strusgle for
hunie rights to be = source of personel an-
Guish, so do IT consicer the Meyor of Atlanta
to be a source of personel pride and hope.
Full of respect,
Ronelc Steshens

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