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Sat., Sun., July 27-28, 1963

2 in South


At Rights Bill Hearing

WASHINGTON (®.—The mayor of Atlanta and the governor of
South Carolina took opposing sides Friday on a bill to outlaw
racial discrimination in hotels, restaurants and other public ac-


Gov. Donald Russell of South
Carolina denounced the adminis-
tration-backed measure as “‘co-
ercive legislation’ which he
said “will breed resistance and
perhaps violence.”


Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. of At
Janta said federal legislation
would help advance voluntary
desegration. He said racial dis-
crimination is an all-American
problem requiring an all-Ameri-
can solution, and if Congress
does not pass the bill it would
“amount to an indorsement of
private business setting up an
entirely new status of discrimi-
nation throughout the nation.”

The two southern officials tes-
tified at a hearing of the Senate
Commerce Committee which was
enlivened by a row between act-
ing chairman Pastore (Dem.),
Rhode Island and Senator Thur-
mond (Dem.), South Carolina.


Senator Pastore accused Sen-

ator Fhurmond of asking Mr.
Allen “Joaded” and “‘when-did-
you-stop-beating-your-wife”’ type
of questions and declared he was
not going to stand for intimida-
tion and embarrassment of the

Senator Thurmond, an oppo-
nent of the civil rights bill, said
he resented the characterization
and was not going to have a

“gag” imposed.

Irving Dilliard Gets
Princeton U. Post

Veteran St. Louis newspaper-
man Irving Dilliard has been
appointd Ferris Professor of
Journalism and Public Rela-
tions, at Princeton University,
the University announced Fri-
During the coming academic
year, Mr. Dilliard will be a

ca ieee federal civil
vi legislation is Mayor
Ivan Allen Jr. of Atlanta,
Ga. —A. P. Wirephoto

visiting lecturer at the New
Jersey university, with the rank
of professor of English. He will
conductseminars for the Wood-
row Wilson School of Public and

International Affairs and will be | #

a visiting senior fellow of the
University Council of the


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