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HENRY S. JACOBUS July 31, 1963


Mr, Ivan Allen, Jr, Lt } J
c/o Ivan Allen Co, | V)
Atlanta, Georgia Ll \\ MAM
i |) VAs \ { U
U we

Dear Mr, Allen

I have just read in the New York Times excerpts from your
testimony before the Civil Rights hearing in Washington and,
as a former resident of Atlanta, I hasten to congratulate you
on your stand, It takes a lot of "intestinal fortitude" for a
Georgian to speak out as you have, particularly one in politics,

I knew your father in 1910 and 1911 becauseI delivered him
every week a Saturday Evening Post when the store was at
Marietta and Forsyth Streets,

I moved here from Atlanta in 1920, You no doubt know we
have a plant in Atlanta and have had for many years, When
I am next there, I will try to come by to see you.

The City of Atlanta is indeed fortunate in having men like you,
Ralph McGill, and your predecessor, Mr, Hartsfield,

As you stated, Dallas and Atlanta have accomplished many
things but we must be careful we don't lose some of these
gains but continue to work with interested parties to improve

the situation wherever possible.

Sincerely yours

Henry S, Jacobus

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