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Maintenance and Distribution Division J.D. VAUGHN

Asst. Superintendent

651 — 14th Street, N. W. M.D. BRACKETT

Offiee Meneger
Atlanta 18, Georgia dpi aes
July 30, 1963

Mayor Ivan Allen Jr,
Mayor's Office
City Hall

Dear Mr, Mayor:
This is a fan letter.

I have just read the newspaper account of your speech to the Senate
Committee, and I just have to write and tell you how proud I was and
am that you are our Mayor.

That speech was one of the greatest appeals to reason that I have
ever read. I am sure that many of Atlanta's citizens feel the same
way. Right now we need all the forsight and reason we can get to
deal with things as they are, so we are lucky to have you in the
Mayor's office.

I admit that when I first learned that you were the next elected Mayor,
my first feeling was relief that it wasn"t going to be Lester Maddox.

I was deathly afraid he was going to be elected, and having known him
and his views for many years, I saw citizens of Atlanta shooting at each
other in the streets.

Since you have been our Mayor I have been more and more impressed with
what I can only call your plain good sense. You have more courage than

I have. I have hated segregation all my life, but have said nothing that
would call down criticism and unpleasantness on myself. I know this is
moral cowardice, and confess it, but I just like to get along with people.

I saw you on television, and hearing you in the Committee room and knowing
the whole country was hearing you, I swelled with pride fit to burst.
That row between Senator Pastore and Senator Thurmond tickled me to death.

I am just a city Clerk-Typist at the Water Works, but I wanted you to know
that I am one white citizen that feels as you do,

I'm proud of you Mr, Mayor. I mean it,
Sincerely and respectfully,

PBL al. Cubballar

Mildred Callahan


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