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Monday, July 29, 1963

A parade of top Southern leaders has been appearing before the -

- Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees to testify on the ‘

Administration's Civil Rights Proposals.

Most of them, including Georgia's Governor Carl E. Sanders,

are speaking out strongly against the new Civil Rights legislation...
especially the Public Accommodations Bill, Senate Bill 1732--————
One man has been the dissenter. He is Atlanta's Mayor Ivan
Allen, who has testified in favor of Civil Rights legislation. ..

and in favor of a Public Accommodations measure.

Because of his stand... Mayor Allen has come in for strong
criticism in Atlanta and around the state.

WQXI therefore offers Mayor Allen an open invitation to appear

on our nightly telephone discussion program "Open Line" to
explain and defend his Civil Rights thinking. He has taken a
courageous stand. We offer him now an opportunity ... at his

convenience. .. to dernonstrate once and for all to his critics...

that he also has the convictions of that courage.

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