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lion g. mason c CoO.

Financial Coordinating Services 8TH FLOOR
July 28, 1963 ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA

Honorable Ivan H. Allen, Mayor
City of Atlanta

Atlanta City Hall

Atlanta 3, Georgia

Dear Mr. Allen:

Congratulations for a hard job well done. I heartily
agree with yous

However, I deplore the need for the Civil Rights Law, but
when many still so completely cherish the past, I guess the p esent
has to be spelled out.

One would think that history wuld be enough:

"Taxation without representation is tyranny."

By James Otis

The Boston Tea Party.

The American Revolution.

The words of Patrick Henry, "I am an American
Citizen not a Virginian."

The Constitution.

The Civil War.

The Emancipation Proclamation.

The words of Robert E. Lee, "Madam, recollect that we
form one country now. Abandon all local animosities
and make your sons Americans."

The l;th Amendment.

10. The Supreme Court ruling.
But, as you say, we must spell it out by law, and

The fact that the law is far more stringent than volunteer
action wuld have dictated is just too bad.

Again, congratulations, and perhaps some day we will be
able to better approach the doctrine of the Golden Rule and our
own National Oath.

Ss ely y

Lion Ge Mason

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