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First Methodist Church


August 27, 1963

Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Ivan:

Though we now find ourselves living on the North
Shore of Lake Michigan, we keep in close contact
with Atlanta through the daily Atlanta Constitu-
tion. Also, we have been privileged to have two
months this summer at our mountain cabin near
Dahlonega, Georgia; so we have met and talked
with many of our friends in and around Atlanta.

I want you to know again how grateful I am for

the leadership you are giving in Atlanta and so
many areas, I understand that through your recent
testimony on the Kennedy Civil Rights legislation
there is extra turbulenee in your life. Let me say,
however, that the whole nation is grateful - and
more of the South than you may realize - for your
forthright honesty.

Don't let the difficulty of witness ever cause
your spirits to flag! Being right is the only
reward we ought to desire. I am sure this is
satisfaction enough for you.



DK:ep Dow Kirkpatrick

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