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Their progress is amazing especially when you consider how many handiaecaps
they had and how far back they started . When I was a small boy in Vim
Virginia in a country district, not a single Negroe could regd or writes
And that was 25 years after Geyeral Lee surrendered at Appogatax Courtases
Two or_three Years ago the Atlanta News Papers printed an account of a
poor Georgia Family who thought they could do better moving out of the
State and moved to Pennsylvania, Three of the Biys became doctors , Or
a lawyer and 1 an Engineer. One of the Doctor brothers had just been =
selected as the Outstand Poctor of the year in hgi state. The point is
that the five brothers were Negroes. We dont want any more Negros
Families like that driven out of Georgia because they are denied their
fair and legitimate opportunities in Georgia ,. They would be real
assets to us in Georgias

Fsmally in closing I want to insist that I am
not a " damyankee " but a Southerner who loves the South and dont want
the South to do any thing thd Degrades the South. So if I appear to be
bragging about my ancestors it is not from egotism but to set the
record straight and establish the fadj that I am a Southerner and Notin—
ing but a Southerner. My ancestors on both sides of my Family have bea
Southerners and nothing but Southerners for nearly 300 yearselly
Mother and my father's mother likewise wereCabells . So I am doubly
a Cabe@le My people with their kinsmen have been Governors of Southern
States including Virginia, Kentucky and Maryland to Alabama . My Great=-
greatgrandfathers brother went from virginia to Princeton and graduate
in 1792. Instead of coming back to Virginia he came-to & Georgia e
-He was Congressman y U,S. Senator and Governor of Ggorgia o
Governor Peter Early of Georgia, He died soon at 6 ,. Otherwise he hax
might have been better known nationally. Senator John Cabell Breckinrige
of Kentucky was my mothers near relatives He was the Southern Democratic
Candidate for President in 1860, The Northern Democrats splif off and
nominated Senator Douglas of Illinois and the Republicans a minority @
party r, won the election due to the split in the Memocrati partye

My father fought as a confederate Soldierim
in the Battle of Gettysburg. His father was wounded in the Battle
of Gettysburge My Grandfather Early's brother the Confederate General
J bal A. Hgrly attacjie! with h$} Confederate Divsion through the town
of * Gettysburg the firat day of the Battle, I had five Cabell Cousins
kil (ed in the one small Civil War Battle of New Market where the V.\Mel
Cadet Battalion won the victory at heavy lo;s of life. So if I am
not a co’ a Southerner and a Son of theConfederacy
who is,

I hope that some of the info-rmation I have writt®y
to you may be of some small help to you in your battle for fairness,
decency and justice, The survival of America is involved in your
standing fast. Affection is good but respect is better ,. You deserve al
and have both from me,

Your sincere friend


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