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67 Lake Place
New Haven, Conn.
August 13, 1963

The Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.
3700 Northside Drive, NW
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

On July 27 last The New York Times
featured the enclosed article dealing with
your recent testimony before the Senate Com-
merce Committee. Although you probably have
a number of copies, you will perhaps have some
use for one more. I would like you to know
that as a lifelong resident of Atlanta I am
fully in accord with the sentiments you ex-
pressed before the Committee. Hopefully your
testimony will encourage members of Georgia's
Congressional delegation to support civil rights
legislation when it is acted upon by Congress.
It has certainly enhanced Atlanta's good reputa-
tion as a city striving to bring greater equality
for all her citizens.

On this second point may I say that during
the past three years, which I have spent in the
Graduate School of Yale University, a number of
persons from various parts of the country have
indicated to me an awareness of Atlanta's lead-
ing role in solving justly the racial problems
that trouble the whole country. Instances such
as your testimony can only lend further credit
to Atlanta's reputation.

I regret that having to spend the summer
in New Haven will prevent my being present for
the annual SAE rush party at your home.



Clifford Hendrix
Georgia Psi ('60)

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