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august 10, 1963

Honorable Ivan Allen, “ayor,

Atlanta, Ga.
Year “r. Allen:

Your testimony before the Senate of the
Vivvil Roghts bill was very fine and yoi are to be
highly commended, as well as for thr many fine things you
are doing for Atlanta and the State.

Several years ago + wrote:

"Georgia is suffering from a politiceal cancer
of long standing, , down grade greatly accelerated
duringxkke 'Ole Tbehe Talmadges ( and Herman's) ad-
ministrations and it will yaahe three makpt politi al
Operations to put it in a healthy conditionn namely, abol:
ish t he Fee system, abandon absolutely the County-Unit

System, and reducee the numberof counties to no more
thah fifty."

two of these have come about and the other one
is on the way, I hope.

I hope you and Governor “anders succeed Vick Rus-
sell and Herman Talmadge in’the Senate, they rae both
living in the 19th centuriy.

Uverlook errors as I am half blind.



W:. C. Henson.

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