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August 3 51963.
My dear Ivan the Second :

I read with great pride in you that Snator
John 0. Pastore , the Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee , had said
after your testimony , that he felt humble in your presence . Atlanta
fas been brought to the favorable attention of the entire United Stattes
and the World though the World Wide recognition of your nobility of
character » Your integrity, fairness and goodness stood out in what you
said to the Senate Commerce Committee . You are the Earlys' Candidate
for the most outstanding Mayor of a large American City in the U.S.
for the Twentieth Oomtury so far. May many fine days of Constructive
achievements lie in°store for you in the years to comes

I cut out a " poison pen " letter which appear=
ed in yesterday's Atlanta Jornal signed Neal Adams and in which he g
Says : " ANegro is all right in his own place , and that is where hek
should stay . " Mark Twain said that the worst thing one could say about
a being is that he belonged to the Human Race . The letter of Neal Ad
Adams helps prove Mark Twain's Contemtions

Who is Neal Adams to decide what is a Negre 's
place . What he means is thit while negpoep slavery to individual
slave owners ender} with the end of the Civil War , he would have humm
slavery continue ina different form by condemning all Negroes to the
lowest, most unpaid, and unskilled day labor jobs . Being kept in their
place meag)that every person with a chocolate brown skin is to be
a Biblical " Hewitr of Wood and Dpawer of Water " and nothing else o
Negroes in their place means tovhite segregationaZist Negroes digging
ditches , washing dishes cleani-ng up Wash rooms and nothing elseo

The Negroes proper place is to be allowed tod
do any thing he has the intelligence , ability , character , ambition,
education and skill to do and which he would be allowed to do of his
skin was not black. America needs the brains , skills and abilities ¢

of every competent and eager-to-serve American Citizen regardless of b
the color of his skin, :

It is only fair to admit that at present if we
take a million Negroes and compare them with a million whites the
Negroes will certainly have fewer highly educated and technically skilled
persons in their gtoup that the same number of white people. But thatis
not, reason to keep the skilled and educated Negroes in virtual slavery:
De of their just rights by Southern Segregationalists has un=
doubtedly injured Negroes of the South, But is has injured the Communiy
of Southern Whitesfar mores

The idea that no Negro can compete on term
of Equality with the White man just is not so. I am going to Analyze

the situation in reference to just activity first and that is in line of

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The reason I take Athletics first which is a physical thing is that
the Results of Athletic Contexts are facts, NOt even the most vicious
and @@praved of the Negro-Hating Racists can @eny and disprove the
Negroes achievements in Athletics .

Americans kept the Negro girl Althd#¢@ Gibson df
the Tennis Courts for many yearse She learned Tennis by knocking a
tennis ball around the streets of Harlem with a wooden paddle, But
Althaa. Gibson became the Woman Tennis Champion of the World . The
United States has not had a Woman Champion Tennis player since Athda
Gibson retired o


In the World Olympic Contests which jas you know, take

place once evry four years , the United States might well stand

abfut equal to some petty South or Central American Country but for tl
Negro Athletes on ou¥“Olympic Teamse I need not recall to you that in
the 1960 Olypics that Rafer Johnson Negro won the Decthalon , The Negroes
Ralph Budd , Thomas , Wilma Rudolp were high on the team stars Miss Wilma
hoRudolph won three gold medals for the United States Teamo It is tok
be noted that recently in Moscow , Russia our American team of Women
Athletes competed against Russian Women Athletes, Miss Wilma Rudolph
was not along with the American Team, The Russian Women won all 10 mé@ic
fsx gold medals for top places . The American White women did not win

a single gold medal. Just the other day a Southern Negro Bob Hayes from
Florida broke the world Record for the 100 yards dash ,

The first Negro that was allowed to play
in professional Base ball was in 1947 ; Jackie Robinson ; That was a
brief 16 years ago, Last year both the First and Second most valuable
Baseball player in bhe National League were Negroes. Number 1 Maury Wills
NOo 2 Willie Mays. And who was voted bhe most Vaiuable Baseball
player in the American League : A negro of course.

In the College Basket ball champion ship this#
very year who won 2 Ioyela University in Chicago with dj Negroes
playing in the six man team. What white basket ball players can be na
named that are in the class with with Wattx Wilt Chamberlain . Bill —
Russell , Ascar Robertson etc. Negro professional Basket ball players,

If one wishes to see a world Championship Prize
fight in most any weight class as for instance the Liston=Clay Conbst
schedule for next month , he has to go to see one Negro fighting anetir
anothrr .

What thd Negro has achieved in competitive Athletics has he
achieved not with encouragement but spite of every obstacle that tle
Segregationalist could devise . Southren Negroes have " Voted with

thierfeet " and nearly half of them left the South . But even at that °

half of the Negroes in America still live in the South. Until very ~
recently any of the Southern Negroes who attempted to compete in Athldic

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would have been rushed off to jail immediately. What will the Negro Ac-=
hieve when he is free to compete in Athletics every where in the Unitd
States. That is one thing that will speed integration x . In mixed
Schools when the students anon 2 ae ball game,for instance every
member of the team may well be Students of schools are going

to cheer for their team even if they are all Negroesax [%e teem.

The above just deals with Negries' ae
achievements in athletics. The Southern Segregationalsit will say :
That is just physical . They are so much nearer savages than we whites
when they had to be active to keep alive . But they are inferior in ©
brain power, They cant compete with white people mentally " Keep them
in their place " Let them confine them selves to digging ditches and
cleaning wash rooms

For many years Marian Anderson was not allowed
to sing in a white Concert hall in this country © She had to go and lis ©
live in Europe to be allowed to sing. Finally the aélaim of Europe en
enabled her come back to her native land amd be allowed to sing .

The Director of the Symphony La Scala Orchestra in Milan, Italy

said that Marian inderson had the finest singing voice in the 20th
Century. That is a question of opinion. Any way she was , and is,a superior
concert singer. I heard the Laurel , Mississippi NegreSs Leontyne Price
Singing in Opera in Vienna in the summer of 1961. I have been going to
Opera for 60 Years » Never in my whole life have I heard such tumultow
and continued applauseas the Europefig Music Lovers gave Leontyne Prica. o
Some ousstanding Music Critics say that LeontYne Price is the greatest
Opera singer who ever lived Others are more moderate and say that she

is potentially the greatest Opera Singer that has ever liéWd so far,
To me she is very good but I have hear others justas good, But if

Neal Adams had his way Marian ADAMS AND Leontyne Price would be

fixed in their places avedoing menial domestic housework as actiealiom
near slaves .

I think that it was wonderful and noble of you Ta
Ivan to introduce Mattiwilda Dobbs to her first recital in Atlanta
Municipal Auditorium » I attach a clipping I made at the time of you
introducing her . You look so handsome and distinguished .If-f Neal Adms
Adams had his way Mattiwilda Dobbs would be a waitress in a restaurant
or similar jobe By the way,the Story of the Dobbs Family as I read it
in the Atlanta Neds Papers’ is an,epic of the Negro Race . There were
and are six Girls in the Dobbs Fomilye The father was a postal clerk.
There was no money for education-in the Dobbs Fomily. If they were tog
get an education they had to get out and work their way t“hrough schodl,
All six did o Five earned their M.A. Degrees and one a PhD. Equal. that,
if you ean, any Millionaire white Family in Atlanta,

I wint prolongue this already much too

long letter by going into the constantly increasing triumphs of the
Co Y ed Race in the Educational and scientific World.

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